These algae that make us beautiful


Sea water and algae have long been allies of our skin. But recently, the “blue” cosmetic changes focal length and is interested in microorganisms that inhabit all the water sources of our planet. In the Line of Fire researchers and brands of algae and microalgae with amazing properties. Diving at the heart of this new cosmetic point.

Algae and microalgae gifted

In terms of beauty, this “blue revolution” is already running … and accessible commercially. Phytomer, Algenist, Galénic or Biotherm and Algotherm, all these brands are fetched underwater active principles of their last treatment. Sharp creams that promise dramatic results, particularly in the fight against wrinkles and aging skin.

But the sea, a source of beauty, is this really new? For Romuald Valley, Scientific Director of Phytomer is biotechnology research that changed everything: “The history of Phytomer goes back forty years and already at the time, our belief was that the water sea did us good. No wonder this: our cells are surrounded by a liquid which closely resembles. Applied to the skin, it soon became apparent that she could naturally rebalance some deficiencies. However, what is new is our willingness to go retrieve the molecules in the material life is the sea First in macroalgae. – Those that can be seen with the naked eye – and now that the technology is in microalgae. do you even lift

Why algae? Because, unlike other terrestrial and marine plants, they have demonstrated their incredible ability to traverse the ages – these are the organizations that appeared on Earth just after the bacteria – and resist. Even in extreme environments. “These are the only plants to have no root, which means that they come and go with the currents, said Frederic Stoeckel, chairman of Algenist. They can move very quickly from one medium to another, being at the bottom of the ocean, without light, before ending up ten minutes later, emerged and exposed to UV. Strength, every time, is to be able to adapt, regenerate, protect and reproduce. “And that, no plants on Earth is able to do it.

Unpublished properties

This is also what fascinates researchers of all stripes: these organisms do not just allow you to discover the most effective active ingredients as those found on land, but rather “molecules that the land has not successfully build! “Welcomes Romuald Valley. “An example? There are in our areas of brown macroalgae living near the shores. They are often exposed outside water or very close to the low tide surface. We realized that when there was the sun, they tan! They become darker with a protective pigment which absorbs UV in exactly the same way as our skin melanin. Why not go for these brown algae of UV systems that protect our skin by either promoting or regulating our melanin production? This is a property that has absolutely no equivalent in the terrestrial environment. do you even lift

Blue Gold Rush

Another clean algae characteristic: they are capable, when they do not let themselves be carried away by the currents, to adhere to rocks or other algae. “They form a transparent film made of sugar that allows them to stick and protect themselves.

Today, research therefore looks like a blue gold rush … and patents. The properties of each marine microorganism studied are identified, recorded and filed, the most interesting leading to new generation care. A reservoir of advanced marine ingredients … and potentially an infinite repertoire of cosmetic innovations!

What risks for the environment?

But this craze is it healthy? Does not a risk of outright plunder the oceans and fresh waters of our planet? Us ownership of the living? To ransack as is done for years of forests? “For sure, do not we make the same stupid things on Earth, puts Romuald Valley guard. But the advantage is that there are now many more rules on the control of the marine environment than there were 20 years ago, on the terrestrial environment. do you even lift

Especially today biotechnological advances allow to grow algae and marine microorganisms outside of the sea, in the reactors. “It takes a one-time micro-algae in its environment, it is studied and made sure she was alone again in a reactor where it reconstituted its natural conditions, says the Scientific Director. Thus, the impact that is subjected to the ecosystem is significantly weaker than the harvest. do you even lift.

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