Is henna good for your hair?

The application of henna is not new for humans. Our ancestors have been using it for many years. In the yesteryears, it was the best way to dye one’s hair or tattoo on hands or body parts. This was used in daily life as well as on special occasions. In the Asian continent, it is still applied on special occasions. But one of the noted uses of Henna is the colour that it imparts to your hair. It has been believed to be a good alternative among the natural cosmetics to the dyes that have artificial and chemical ingredients. There are many other benefits also that have been suggested. So here is a comparison for you; so that you do not have to do it.

Why should you prefer Henna hair dye?

  • The first and the most important benefit is that it is a natural product and there are no noted side effects. You can use it for along time without any hassle. It does not need any special equipment nor it needs any special setup. When you use chemical-based dye there are many skin allergies and also breakage of hair. There is hair loss as well. They give great results but very short-lived. While when you use Henna, you will get strength from within.
  • You will get strong hair as the vitamins will enrich the scalp and make it soft. The hair will become thicker and glossy as well. There is the repair of your strands in full length. The hair will not break.
  • Henna hair dye UK, not just colours your hair but also conditions your hair from within. Your hair will become voluminous and look great. You will be able to many hairstyles. For best results, you can mix it with black tea extract, a little oil or an egg white.
  • Henna hair dye UK is also known to fight the problem of dandruff. The scalp becomes nourished and does not become flaky again. For best results use it with curd and lemon juice. Leave it for a while and then you will have soft hair and a beautiful scalp.
  • If you add mustard oil to make the mixture of henna you will also be able to reduce the problem of hair fall.

A few things you may not like about using henna:

As it goes with all the natural cosmetics the result varies from person to person. They react with the skin and hair of the person using it. And every individual is different so the results can vary. If the same pack of henna is used by two people the results may be different. Like for light colour hair people, the result will be reddish while for the dark hair people it will be brownish or burgundy. For those with grey, it will have a completely different result. You will need multiple coats for uniform colour, else it will give a highlight effect. Also removing henna colour is not possible. It will wear off with time. But you can not remove it easily.

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