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When you have unique medical issues, we have the answer.;
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When you have unique medical issues, we have the answer.

We are Regen Physicians, and we are the leading clinic for stem cell therapy injections in Southlake, Tx!  By now, if you have been reading newspapers, and watching the news on TV, you have heard of stem cell therapy injections and how it promises to be the ‘next wonder drug’ which can cure everything from …

Emergency Contraceptive Pills
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Emergency Contraceptive Pills: How They Work, Safety and Side Effects

Preventing unintended pregnancies is a major public health concern and is very important for an individual who intends to avoid pregnancy or to maintain a time gap between two pregnancies. Emergency contraceptive pills are taken to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. It comes to rescue when a condom accidentally breaks, women forget to take …

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What is Respite Care? How It Helps Family Carers

Information about respite care and how it helps family carers with getting a well-earned break, creating a better long-term prospect for wellbeing. 6,000 people take on the responsibility of being a family caregiver every day in the UK. That amounts to 2 million people every single year who are finding themselves caring for a relative …

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Can Medicinal Cannabis Help with Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy?

Many of you will have never heard of Dravet Syndrome before, but this is a condition with which researchers now believe that cannabis can be used to treat. Basically, Dravet Syndrome is a debilitating and somewhat severe form of epilepsy. It seems to develop during a child’s first year and is known to cause violent seizures, which …