Basic Health care tips

health care

People who want to live healthy, have to look for health care tips. They can look health care tips in books, different websites etc. There are number of health care tips given by different professional online. Here in this article, just look about summer health care tips. The severe heat in the summer season can do huge damage to the hair, skin and overall health. Maintaining yourself hydrated is the main challenge at the time summer season because the heat saps the body liquids quickly. You want to look some tips to take care of your health. Certain food which is quickly digestible at the time of summer is whole grain wheat, sathi rice, cow ghee and milk. When looking about vegetables, pointed gourd, pumpkin, ridge gourd, bitter gourd, green coriander, green cucumber, banana flower are regarded as beneficial for good health in summer season. Kheer prepared from rice and milk is the best nourishing recipe which helps to keep your body cool.

The cool drinks which are recommended to have at summer are lemonade, shikanji and different fresh fruit juices like muskmelon, watermelon, grape, mango, banana, pineapple, coconut water and pomegranate. These drinks will be useful to keep the body cool and avoid dehydration feeling. You can choose according to your desire among these fruits and take one of these fruits daily. When you like to avoid dehydration, containing a concoction of mangosteen, cumine seeds and jaggery prior going out in the sun can avoid huge disorders at the time of summer season like dehydration. Food items that raise the heat in the body must be prevented at the time of summer. The food items are like dry, salty, hot, stale and spicy, bitter, fried and foods which are sharp to taste like pickles, tamarind have to be avoided. Ice creams, cool drinks and canned fruits juices, even though they help to down the body temperature, must be prevented because they are not healthy choice. They raise the acidity and cause health issues later on.

Irritability, itching and other skin disorder can arrive. It is good to begin the day with drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. When you practice this drinking glass of water, the danger of heat stroke will be highly minimized. It is harmful staying awake at night time because it raises acidity and hence, results to lot of heat in the body. Always have a routine to do exercise regularly. When you experience too hot at the time of exercising, and then follow all these summer health care tips to manage this problem. Having a stroll barefoot on grass prior sun rise and then doing exercising will let you to bear the heat. To safeguard you from the problem of sunburns, you can consider applying sunscreen and use cotton clothes. You can also protect your eyes from the UV rays of sun by using quality sunglasses. Day by day, lots of new new diseases are rising due to poor lifestyle, so it is necessary for all to look and to follow the health care tips to prevent these diseases.

Tips to Choose the Right Doctor

Right Doctor

Looking for the doctor is not always easy. It is even harder when you go out of network and locate a practitioner that can meet your health needs. However, if you are prepared and informed, your will be able to choose the right one. You can also use our tips to find the right one. Read on to find out more about the tips.

1. Look for an Integrative Doctor

In traditional medicine, the objective is to find out the core cause of the disease and then prescribe the right medicine. If you have a health issue, you may want to look for a good integrative doctor. To find the right one, you can ask friends, family or your colleagues. The goal of integrative medicine is to heal a person with a certain health condition.

Make sure you go with a practitioner that has a good deal of knowledge. Moreover, the professional should use a holistic approach in order to treat you. He should find out the root cause of your condition instead of treating the symptoms.

2. Symptoms and Underlying Causes

Today, doctors consider symptoms of a condition to prescribe medicine. On the other hand, an experienced integrative physician will take into account your illness symptoms and then try to find out the root cause of the symptoms. In the end, they may prescribe the right treatment. So, before you hire one, make sure they can identify and address the underlying cause of the problem.

3. A Coach, not a Friend

Your doctor is your coach, not a friend. The doctor will let you know what to do and what not. But it’s also your responsibility to follow their advice. So, during the interview, you should try to find out if the doctor is going to play the role of a doctor or coach. Remember: if the practitioner is friendly, doesn’t mean he is going to act like a friend.

4. Dispensary

It’s a good idea to buy medicine from the doctor’s dispensary. You may want to ask each potential practitioner if they operate their own dispensary. The dispensary should not have just nutritional supplements. In fact, it should have herbal products, natural meds, homeopathic remedies, biological medicines and minerals, to name a few.

5. Insurance

You are not bound to hire an insured doctor. As a matter of fact, top integrative doctors are not insured. The reason is that the paperwork and bureaucracy may waste a lot of the doctor’s time. Moreover, it may limit the therapeutic options a doctor may use. According to a study, doctor’s spend more time doing paperwork than checking patients in their office.

So, if you are going to look for a doctor soon, we suggest that you consider these simple but useful tips. This way you will be more likely to pick the right doctor to get rid of your condition once and for all. Hopefully, you will be able to get rid of your health issue by hiring the right doctor.

Also if you not know about doctors in your new area, you can find through internet.

How to prevent back pain?

back pain

A long drive, a garden to weed, furniture to move, one wrong move … and it is the turn of kidneys. You can prevent or stop the pain settles.

Evil of the century? Certainly, back pain affects everyone at one time or another, but it is not a disease. The only officials are not the unsuitable physical effort, work or professions seeking a lot back. A pre-existing fragility (scoliosis, excessive camber), insufficient musculature or overweight make more vulnerable spine. Conflicts, frustrations, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, lack of exercise are also factors increasing frequency. Muscle tension generated end, medium or long term, destabilize some vertebrae and spinal imbalance.

Hence the phrase “Get Your Back.” Contrary to popular belief, the rest is not the solution. His bed a day or two eases. Beyond that, it becomes harmful and creates a vicious circle. It was wrong, so we do not move. Standing still, it promotes muscle wasting. We lose the ease, insurance and stiffens … There is concern then it hurts at the slightest movement … Conclusion, it does not move. Except for sciatica, sports is an excellent way to maintain flexibility and tone. Do not reduce your activities for fear of harm or aggravate your condition. Move, but move well. What matters is having the right thing.

Muscles before everything

1. For long-lasting results, do you have
The fifteen sessions with the physio can not last forever and will not allow you to have the necessary muscles to compensate for the lack of weakened ligaments, maintain joint altered, or reduce stress on the discs worn.

2. Work your muscles
Work spinal muscles and abs, as important as keeping muscles. When they contract, they increase the abdominal pressure, pushing rearward column, limiting the small of the back. Strengthen creates a muscular corset.

3. Practice good swim
Fully respecting the natural curves of the spine, the backstroke is the most appropriate. The crawl, well executed, the household too. In the breaststroke, we often try to keep their heads above water
where cervical contractures. Prefer the breaststroke. With aerobics, body weakens, the movements become more fluid and free.

4. The right moves
Against contractures, tension, gravity, nothing like yoga and stretching. By soliciting major joints in their maximum amplitude, stretching re balance muscle groups, pelvis and spine. Pilates possible to work the muscle-tendon channels and fascias in their entirety. Playing with resistance strengthens the muscles of the back, shoulders, buttocks and abs, improves overall posture. The self-magnification, alternating contraction-stretching tension release. Nei-yang qi gong Kong and back, with a relaxing breathing technique releases the lumbar and sacrum. Muscle groups and fascia attached to the back relax. The energy is released, balancing yin and yang.

5. Breathe with stomach
Abdominal breathing helps restore balance and release nodes caused by the diaphragm that hangs during stress, an annoyance … Postural sequences associated with breathing techniques promote muscle relaxation. For inspiration, the diaphragm presses guts, creating an air and slight swelling belly appeal, abs relax, the last ribs diverge, increasing the volume of fresh air. Upon expiration, the diaphragm relaxes and the abdomen is empty.

Medications and infiltrations fight low back pain, but do not settle to the bottom line as a healthy lifestyle is essential.

“There are two types of pain. The first is of an inflammatory nature, it occurs spontaneously. The second is mechanical. “

Avoid back pain

– In front of the TV, indulge in the couch. Elevate the chock legs and back with a cushion to prevent the collapse of the column.
– Standing round the back and tilt your head. Conversely, a big bust is not recommended.
– Lean stiff legs to lift a heavy load. Bend your knees, keep your back straight, use the power of your body and push your legs.
– In the morning, get up at a single bound. Slip on the side near the edge. Switch legs to the floor, raise your head and stand up once seated.
– Wear loads at arms. Rather tighten the basket against you. Better yet, use a cart with wheels.

If you got  back pain?i hope this my post will help you prevent back pain Leave below if you have any question.

Motivational Sanitation Slogans to Optimize Your Health

Your Health

In order to optimize your health wellness, it is imperative to understand the importance of sanitation. This is the hygienic-based means of optimizing your health through the simple prevention of coming in contact with waste hazards. The hazards that detrimentally impact the health wellness of an individual may be physical-based, microbiological, chemical-based, and biological in nature.

There are many health wellness and sanitation slogans that can assist in reminding each of us the importance of steering clear of potentially dangerous agents that may result in the decline of our physical health and reduce functionality of the body. In this guide, you will be introduced to motivational sanitation slogans that are sure to assist in improving your health wellness, as an individual.


Out of all of the health wellness and sanitation slogans out there, “Commit to be Fit” is considered to be one of the most popular. If you want to optimize your health, it is imperative to ensure that you consume foods that are packed with nutrients and engage in an exercise program that tones and firms your body. By ensuring that your body is not burdened by excess weight, you have the potential to live a long life that is not plagued by health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and an increased risk for heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular complications.


When it comes to health and wellness, it is essential to ensure that you exercise on a regular basis. Many health wellness and sanitation slogans refer to the physical needs of the body. In this particular quote, we are informed that if we do not exercise for seven days, we are sure to become weak. Exercise has been proven to be effective in enlarging the cells of the body and optimizing the neural-based adaptations that assist in improving the interactions between the muscles and the nerves. When the muscles of the body are enhanced, more cells are generated within the body. This not only produces more energy, but, it assists in the overall functioning of each component of the body.


There are numerous health and wellness quotes about the importance of sleep. The one that instructs one to go to bed early and rise early is considered to be one of the most popular health wellness and sanitation slogans today. According to medical professionals, sleep is considered to be an active period for the body. It is during this time in which very important processes, necessary restoration, and simple strengthening occurs. There are several critical functions that occur when we are asleep. Examples include the regeneration of muscles, the consolidation of memories, and the allowance each of the organs to “reset” for optimal performance.


By keeping these simple health wellness slogans in mind, you have the capability to enjoy optimal health. Committing to becoming as healthy as possible, ensuring that your body gets the proper amount of exercise, and making certain that you get the proper amount of rest each and every single night will not only allow you to feel better, it will make your body perform optimally – around the clock. Health wellness is critical for both your physiological health and your psychological health. By committing to your health, your health will commit to you – for a lifetime.

Yoga, what is it?


Yoga, with several other techniques, is one of the mind-body approaches. A listing presents the principles that underlie these approaches, and their main potential applications.

Yoga is relatively new in the western landscape, but it is well established. Courses can be followed in leisure centers and health clinics in both areas than in cities – courses that cater to children, the elderly, stressed person, a healthy, pregnant women, athletes …

Is that yoga has features that are appropriate for many. The courses are generally done in a group, in a safe, non-competitive environment. Yoga does not require special skills. He almost instantly facilitates mental and muscular relaxation. In the medium term, it develops flexibility and helps treat many musculoskeletal problems. Regular practice seems to help relieve serious health problems and promote better overall health.

A part of a whole

Developed in India over thousands of years, yoga (in a broad sense) is a comprehensive method of personal development and a science of spiritual practice. It includes several dimensions, the main ones being the following.

  • Devotion (bhakti yoga)
  • The right action (karma yoga)
  • Knowledge (jnana yoga)
  • Health and concentration by lifestyle and postures (hatha-yoga)

Yoga classes posted on bulletin boards and in newspapers usually concern the latter dimension, hatha yoga. Its role in the traditional spiritual path is to discipline the mind and keep the body in optimal condition so that the person can meditate better and longer.

Postures require stretching movements, bending and twisting that promote flexibility of the spine, seek the joints, muscles and nerves, and exert an action on all organs and glands. The digestive system is thereby stimulated, and improved blood circulation. In addition, maintaining a posture for a while trains the mind to develop perseverance and concentration, and gives him the benefits of meditation.

As for breathing techniques, they ask, for example, to pay particular attention, inspire slowly or in spurts, alternate nostril, place the language in certain ways, etc. According to ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), the life of a human being is not measured in days, but the number of breaths … The ultimate goal of breathing techniques to develop and control the prana, the “vital force “.

Yoga says that a healthy body is absolutely essential for mental and spiritual evolution. As yogis say: “Health is wealth. Mental peace is happiness. Yoga shows the way. do you even lift

As for prenatal yoga, there are courses geared to the specific needs of pregnant women. The instructor chooses certain exercises (postural and breathing) to help them overcome the difficulties related to pregnancy, to facilitate the steps of childbirth and encourage the return to the body balance after birth. Instructors can be practiced in one or other of the movements mentioned above.

New colors Yoga

Yoga loses its increasingly esoteric connotation. So many schools now offer courses in business. After work or at lunch time, business people loosen their ties and workers break their routine. Others believe it is an interesting entry door to a discipline that can only do good.

Yoga for all

Although yoga is inscribed at the base, to a spiritual practice hatha yoga is not a religion and can be used by any individual, regardless of his beliefs, such as health and healing tool .dropoff window In some contexts, such as health clinics, classes are completely devoid of religious references.

Why are we tired when changing season?

tired when changing season

It is well known: the arrival of autumn, many people experience a decline in morale and tiredness. For some, this fatigue occurs even at each change of season. Update on the mechanisms involved and prevention.


Whether the arrival of cold autumn or spring, when nature awakens, it is very common to experience a transient fatigue. If small energy losses are quite normal during the year, they should not become chronic. Thus, recurrent and persistent fatigue related to changes in season must be taken seriously. For some people, it can greatly affect the quality of life, especially during the winter.

The phenomenon is increasingly studied and well known today to take charge and prevent the same, thanks to phototherapy (light therapy). Better to react in time to regain energy quickly.


We are all subject to varying degrees. When the days get shorter, the cold sets in, there is less active, more tired, and a small decrease in morale is sometimes suffers. Nothing more normal.

If scientific studies have not clearly identified the causes of this autumn blues, we know that the drop in brightness plays a big role. Different mechanisms probably act in combination, including:

  • A circadian rhythm disorder (reducing its amplitude). Our internal clock must be in phase with the light conditions and day / night. The particular organization receives the light through the retina in the eye, which relays the signals to the brain. This is the “conductor” of the circadian rhythm, but it seems that in the fall, a disorder is common.
  • Desynchronization or disturbance of the secretion of melatonin (the hormone of sleep).
  •  A change in brain levels of neurotransmitters (the molecules that serve as “messengers” between neurons), including serotonin, which regulates mood.
  • The lack of light stimulation in the retina, “photographic film” from the bottom of the eye, some people would be less sensitive to light.

Result, as the days get shorter, a shift may occur between the internal circadian rhythm and external signals, which sometimes leads to persistent fatigue.


If one knows all the winter fatigue, being exhausted in the spring may seem more unusual. Yet many people have a lack of energy when the vegetation wakes up and the sun warms again. Why? Again, multiple mechanisms. These would include depletion of the immune system, which fought against microbes moult during winter. It is also not uncommon to catch a cold cara handset in the month of April.

Finally, some scientists put forward the idea that the body has to readjust when the days get longer. Put into “hibernation”, metabolism in slow motion during the winter. The body secreted more melatonin, the sleep hormone famous. In spring, the secretions of melatonin and a stimulating neurotransmitter (serotonin) must rebalance. This adjustment phase, which takes a few weeks, may cause fatigue. However, it takes less time to fatigue in the fall.


In temperate and Nordic countries, 10% of the population is affected by this syndrome. If it is based on the most stringent diagnostic criteria, the prevalence rather reach 1 or 2% of adults in Europe and North America. SAD is more common in women (almost 4 times more than men), particularly before menopause. Children and adolescents can also be affected, but this condition occurs most often for the first time in their twenties.

Unlike the temporary winter fatigue, this is a real depression, the impact on quality of life can be considerable. The main symptoms are loss of energy, sadness, need to sleep more than usual, increased appetite (sweet cravings) and weight gain. These symptoms, which usually occur in the fall and disappear by themselves in the spring.


Persistent fatigue is never normal. It can be a sign of a more serious problem, such as chronic illness, or depression (this is also the main symptom of depression). Certain infectious diseases such as mononucleosis, may also lead to fatigue.

So when the hard fatigue, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. It will probably perform a blood test in addition to a medical examination. This will rule out some causes of chronic fatigue, such as hypothyroidism or anemia (iron deficiency).

In most cases, however, the examination revealed nothing abnormal. The best way to regain his form will be to continue to stay active in the winter, especially by practicing regular physical activity to maintain good sleep habits and adopt a balanced diet while waiting for sunny days!


If you are prone to seasonal depression, some measures may limit the intensity of your blues:

– Remove as much as possible from home, even in winter, to take advantage of the sunlight (brightness apartment is small);

– Whatever the weather, spend as much time as possible outside and make a moderate physical activity (walking, cycling, for example to get to work);

– Playing sports on a regular basis, if possible outdoors.