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New Family Medicine Options Give Doctors Choices

An April 2019 news story published by KSTP News in Minneapolis discussed how family medicine in the U.S. has changed with the advent of new technologies and different practice models. The basic premise of the story is that telemedicine and walk-in clinics are changing the role of the traditional family practitioner. While some may view …

Stem Cell Therapy
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Could India’s Approach to Stem Cell Therapy Help the U.S.?

India has a problem with stem cell therapies similar to the problem we have here in the U.S. Clinics are allowed to perform certain kinds of stem cell procedures without further government approval, but there is significant debate over whether or not those procedures are appropriate. So government officials have taken a step to address …

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Tips for Selecting the Best Women’s Health Clinic

Health is of the utmostimportance in any woman’s life, which is why it’s so important to locate a women’s health clinic that can deliverthe tailored carea woman needs. To help you choose the best clinic for all your health needs, this article provides somehelpful tips. Look for a Clinic That’s Dedicated to Women’s Health All …

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Keep Your Feet Pain-Free with Amazing Orthotic Insoles Today

Whether you’re running around after children all day or having to stand in uncomfortable heels for hours on end, your feet take a serious beating. And while your feet are some of the most used and abused parts of the body, they also get some of the least care and concern. Unfortunately, this neglect can …

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Ayurveda Medicine – Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction Disorder with Natural Medicine

Erectile dysfunction is slowly becoming a major concern among men of all ages, which is why natural medicine such as Ayurveda is especially needed to aid in limiting or preventing impotence together. Many men are uncomfortable at the thought of talking about any dysfunctions that they may have regarding their erections, and most will instead …