Diagnosis Of Hair Diseases

Diagnosis of Hair Diseases

This is a site for men and women who are searching for a proven hair loss cure for their alopecia or an increased amount of hair shedding. Increased shedding or hair loss is a common condition. It can be due to various diseases or improper hair care.

The present site aims not only in providing information regarding hair loss cure or remedies but also discusses the conditions and hair diseases that cause hair loss. If you want your hair loss cure to be effective, it is essential to know the cause of your hair loss.

Much care has been taken to provide the information here in a graded manner. The major hair diseases are divided into different categories in accordance with their occurrence in the scalp. For example, the common hair shaft abnormalities are discussed in one section while the causes, mechanisms, effects, and hair loss cure for infectious hair diseases are discussed in another.

You can also get information on the basic steps that a dermatologist should follow while diagnosing hair diseases. The information on hair diseases and their related hair loss cure are graded in the following way:

Overview of hair diseases

An introduction to the cyclical process of hair regrowth, the common causes of hair loss, and the procedures involved in the diagnosis of hair diseases.

Hair shaft abnormalities

Descriptions of the common hair shaft abnormalities like Trichorrhexis Nodosa, Loose Anagen Syndrome, Trichotillomania and their related treatments and hair loss cure.

Infectious hair diseases

The infectious hair diseases section includes explanations on the various infectious hair diseases that cause hair loss in various groups. Also, a brief overview of the medication or hair loss cure is been highlighted.

Various types of Alopecia

A detailed discussion on the various hair diseases that causes hair loss like Telogen Effluvium, Anagen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata, and Scarring Alopecia. Also, there are some useful notes on the related medications and hair loss cure for these conditions.

Genetic hair disorders

A brief discussion on genetic hair loss diseases like Hypotrichosis and Androgenetic Alopecia. Also a discussion on those permanent hair loss conditions that are more likely to develop in African-Americans as compared to other ethnic groups.

This site offers you complete details about hair diseases, their causes, diagnosis, and hair loss cure. Whatever the cause of hair loss, there is often some way to overcome the hair loss and rally it back in a healthy condition. No matter whether your hair loss is due to an infection or genetic reason, every aspect of hair loss is considered on this site with a feasible remedy. This site is intended to be an important aid in researching hair loss cures.

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