Why COVID19 Testing Remains Important

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As the vaccine rollout continues throughout the world, COVID19 testing remains an essential aspect of the fight against the pandemic. COVID 19 PCR testing is seen as the best way for diagnosis because of its accuracy and reliability. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test can check for any traces of the virus at the time of the swab collection. It is also helpful in detecting virus presence even for some time after infection.

Knowing when to get tested

People experiencing symptoms of the virus should undergo COVID19 testing. The common signs of infection include fever, dry cough, lethargy, and muscle pain. Difficulty breathing and chest pains are pressing symptoms and need urgent medical attention. Besides the appearance of symptoms, those around the presence of a COVID-positive patient should also get tested.

In some cases, workplaces require their employees to get tested to ensure safety. Frontline health workers are also tested regularly. Those who want to leave the country are also asked to present a negative PCR result.

The process of testing

COVID19 PCR testing is composed of three primary steps. The first is the collection of the sample. This step can be uncomfortable for some due to the use of a stick to swab inside the nostrils. The nasal swab collects a sample that is used as the artefact for testing. Some testing centres probe deeper into the nasal cavity for samples. Samples are sent to a laboratory for investigation and diagnosis.

The collected sample is stored securely in a sealed container while in transport. Once in the laboratory, a medical technologist will use the sample to extract genetic material from the virus (if detected). The machine used to check for the presence of the virus uses chemicals to replicate any genetic material found. If any of the substances are illuminated by the device, then the PCR test is positive.

Where to get tested

As the virus continues to be a threat to our health and safety, it is best to know the places offering accurate COVID-19 tests. In the Notting Hill area, people can get tested at the Med Spa Beauty Clinic. Their tests are administered with the help of a highly-equipped team of health care workers. These include nurses and pharmacists, all knowledgeable in the health and safety standards for COVID-19.

The clinic is also a government-approved testing centre. Those who need urgent testing can also get same-day appointments, seven days a week. Besides PCR tests, they also offer rapid antigen and antibody tests.

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