Makeup: 9 things you need to know


Professional makeup artists deliver you the secrets of a flawless makeup. 

1. Hide those dark circles

Discover how to take the make-up artists for a flawless finish.

“Before the concealer, apply a treatment rich in antioxidants, including vitamins A, E and C, to reduce dark circles and reduce inflammation, Expect it to be absorbed through the skin, then apply small touches a light and moisturizing concealer covering the entire area under the eyes and going back to the lash line.

2. A suitable foundation

If you have more than 40 years, forget the tinted moisturizer. According to  professional makeup artists  “its full beauty potential” and have a youthful appearance, you need a foundation and a concealer that covers a little more than regular products.

3. More subtle, liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is much easier to implement as it sounds. official makeup artist  advises to bed first your mirror on a table so you can see your reflection from above. Apply eyeliner on the lash line with a pencil or eye shadow in a similar color to the liner you will use, and then, starting from the outer corner of the eye, apply over the liquid liner.

4. Cream, eye shadow

The professional makeup artist , which counts among its prestigious clients, prefers cream eye shadow to the eyes a little older. “The powder has the disadvantage of being deposited, forming fine lines, that is not the cream,” The says. Go for neutral colors to avoid looking overly made up, and do not put mascara on your lower lashes.

5. Brightly colored cheekbones

All makeup artists agree on this point: the blush is a must for the woman who wants to look young and bright. For a natural look, opt for the fishing Bartolucci pink blush applied to the cheeks fade until the hairline. For its part, prefers Malettere in shades of pink; applied only to the cheekbones, it gives an air of a naughty youth. You choose your technique to suit your mood.

6. Eyebrows: search for perfection

This is another item that professionals agree: it is important to define the eyebrows. “Make sure first that the region lying underneath is completely smooth waxing once completed,” Then use a tapered brush to apply the powder in small aerial keys and make the melted with a clean mascara brush.

7. Master the art of applying mascara

You can get a false eyelash chic look using only mascara. Hold a mirror to see the inside of your nose (it’s quite serious!), And apply mascara batting starting at the base of your lashes (where they meet your upper eyelid). “When you have covered two-thirds of your lashes, rotate the stick slowly upward, covering the rest. It takes a little practice to get there, but you will get a spectacular hemmed effect without appearing overly made up. do you even lift

8. Bring out the shine of your eyes

To animate tired eyes, apply concealer on the inner part of the upper eyelid and under the eyes and translucent powder,  “Use lighter colors on top of the upper eyelid, and apply a little matte white shadow on the inner corners. do you even lift

9. Cheaper kit

If you need to re-reserve your makeup case and does not need only have lipstick or eye shadow, you could make great savings by purchasing a complete set. A beauty product range will cost you much less than if you were to buy them individually.

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