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Double Chin Injections – Should You Use Them?

You are thin and have a double chin; so, you are wondering how you got it. Well, to get a double chin, you don’t need to be overweight or obese.

The medical term for a double chin is buccula (a Latin word for little cheek) and its cause is often genetics or skin laxity which often comes with age.

But you should feel happy that more and more injectable and other non-surgical methods are emerging and getting popular to minimise, melt or burn away unwanted lumps of fat.

A study by Allergan says that 47% of respondents of these methods hated the looks under their chin and a trend to remove it is growing in Australia, for good.


Reduction in submental fat, also known as chin lift can be performed non-surgically with fat-dissolving injections that contain synthetic deoxycholic acid (occurring naturally in the body) or liquid lecithin (extracted from soya beans).

The method has some risks but they are limited only to risks carried by any skin piercing. However, if you get it from an expert professional like the ones available at, the risks are significantly lower.

The most common side effect is mild bruising. However, there is a slight chance that it will make one side of your mouth droop temporarily.

According to expert plastic surgeons, the potential droop is because of the slight chance of temporary effect on the peripheral branch of facial nerve.

There is a difference in the anatomy of the facial nerves of each person from others and the chance of a small branch of the facial nerve being affected is 2%. On an average it takes 44 days to resolve.

How Many Injections are Needed?

Every session involves around 20 injections. Each injection breaks the membrane of fat cells and fat oozes out.

Then the macrophages in the body gather on the site and engulf the fat and carry it to the lymphatic system which carries it to the liver where it is metabolised.


This is not a treatment you can take during your lunch time. You should expect swelling which makes it unadvisable for you to go back straight to work.

Instead it’s advisable to rest and ice the skin. At times, the swelling may resolve even within 48 hours but sometimes it can take even up to a week.

Two to three procedures with a gap of one month are recommended for best results.


Double chin injections do hurt. Therefore a numbing cream is applied half an hour before your session.

Also, to help alleviate the pain and minimise the chances of bruising, you may be given an ice pack which you can use all through the session.

Are the Results Permanent?

Fortunately, patients usually need only two visits, and the results are permanent. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are gone forever.

However, the remaining fat cells in your body can get bigger if you are not very careful about your diet. These enlarged fat cells can cause you a double chin again.

Fat cells can also be removed by liposuction about which you can know at or at any reputable cosmetic’s website. Know your options and get rid of your unwanted fat.

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