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We fix your pain!

Pain is a part of life. Everyone experiences it, whether it is emotional pain or physical pain.  While little can be done to fix emotional pain – often times only a counselor can heal you, lots can be done to fix physical pain. For physical pain, all you need to do is take powerful pain killers or see a doctor. If you do decide to see a doctor to fix your physical pain especially if it is pain in your spine or other parts of your body, you should consider seeing Pain Spine Physicians because we are the leading   pain management doctor in Southlake


What we can do to fix your pain…

It is really a big deal if you put out your back. You will be in excruciating pain for days, sometimes even months, and you will be able to do little in terms of daily activities while your back heals! You should know that this type of pain is not normal, therefore you should not ‘grin and bear it!’ Come see us if you have spine pain, back pain, or general body pain which is preventing you from living life because we use a combination of world-class management care and compassion, which includes any method that works to make sure that your back, spine and general pain is healed, and that you are a happier person as a result!

Why us?

“Of all of the pain management clinics and specialists who I could see, why Pain Spine Physicians?” This is a natural question for you to ask, and it is a very good question as well.  You could see many pain management physicians at any number of pain management clinics in Southlake, what makes our clinic so special? The answer lies in our approach to resolving your back and spine pain and resulting problems. To begin with, we will offer you care in state-of-the-art facilities which use the latest in technological advances and approaches to heal you from your pain. We also staff our office with the most talented, experienced, educated, and qualified doctors who will make you very happy from a physical and emotional standpoint in no time at all!

Our approach to treating pain

At Pain Spine Physicians, we believe in a holistic approach to treating pain which is all-encompassing. We use a wide variety of treatments to attack and heal your pain from every angle possible. For example, our doctors use surgery, steroid and other injections, radiofrequency ablation, and a wide variety of other treatments which use the latest in technological advancements to have you at your best, and free from any and all types of pain, in no time! Our work in pain management and healing has won our doctors and clinic 12 national awards. This is something to brag about because few pain management clinics can make this amazing claim!

Our clinic treats a wide range of pain issues and problems. We treat 52 types of pain issues, which include: lower back pain (this is the most common type of pain our patients complain of), neck pain, thoracic, abdominal, and groin pain, headaches, pain in the extremities, neuropathic pain syndromes, and mixed pain disorders, among others!

When you want the best, come to us…

We are capable of healing any type of pain you may have. If you seek our services, you won’t be disappointed, either by the quality of care you will receive or by the fact that our staff will make you feel like royalty. Now that you know how we can heal your pain, why don’t you give us a call today if you’re in a lot of pain? You won’t be disappointed!

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