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Bath Lift Chairs

Bath lift chairs are beneficial for the elderly and any disabled person since they can improve mobility and safety. It makes life more livable for the person and equally reduces dependence on other members of the family since the senior can now use the bathroom by himself without being assisted by anyone. However, you must be very careful when buying the bath lift seat for the elderly or disabled person in your household.

Not all the bath lift seats being sold out there today are reliable. Some of them will never give top value for money and may even inflict injuries on the end user. Some bath lifts seats may also recline only half way back despite being labeled as full recline by the manufactures. Before you buy that bath lift seat, you should consider some of the tips provided below so that you can make the best choice when purchasing.

What are the available features?

Before you place your hard earned money on that bath lift seat, first find out about the features that come along with it and if those features are in line with what you want in a bath lift seat. Does it offer a full range of positions or not? Can it be adjusted for upright sitting or full sleeping?  Can it also be changed for other positions in between?  Is the height adjustable?  What kind of fabric does it come with?  What are the size options that you have?  These points are significant when searching for the right bath lift seat.

Is the bath lift seat inflatable?  Can it swivel? These are some of the many outstanding features to consider in a bath lift seat before you buy. The inflatable type can lower you to the bottom of the bathtub easily when deflated. It can also be inflated to lift you from the tub. The swiveling kind makes it easy to mount and dismount the bath lift seat.

Is it perfectly matching?

Additionally, you should find out if the bath lift seat can accommodate the body shape, weight and height of the end user. Every bath lift seat on sale today has its specific weight capacity. Also, the width, depth, and height of the seats differ, the same for the back size and armrest. All these parts must be carefully measured before buying the bath lift. Consider the body size and weight of the intended end user before buying so that you can get a bath lift seat that will conveniently accommodate the end user while providing complete comfort and absolute support for the back.

Space availability in your home

Before you buy any bath lift seat for the elderly or disabled person in the house, do not also forget to consider how much space you have in the home for the installation. It is essential to evaluate the area where you want to put the bath lift seat before the installation is carried out. Will that available space permits the reclining of the bath lift seat or not?  Will the senior or the disabled have to share the bathroom with other members of the household or will he or she be the only one to use the bathtub?  If the bathtub is shared with others, the bath lift chairs should be installed in such a way that it does not occupy too much space in the bathtub.

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