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Why must leave the table until you have a full stomach?

leave the table until you have a full stomach

Today we burn about 140 calories per day less that 50 years ago, since the work demanded a bigger physical effort and people walked more. Experts point out that there are two ways to fight against this trend and avoid obesity: exercise more and leave the table without being totally full. With the following information you will find the strength to say “Iate enough.”

Unfilled stomach can rhyme with longer life

For many years, researchers have observed the inhabitants of the island in this world which present life expectancy longest and excellent health. We begin to know why they are likely to meet 100 years without suffering from any serious illness. They follow the Hara Hachi Bu rule (which means “stop eating before reaching satiety” They avoid unnecessary calories and take the best out of everything they eat.

Instead, eat a lot at once … you ages

The more you eat, the more your body “oxidizes”. Indeed, at every meal – even if it is obviously a physiological need – it must transform food into energy. It therefore generates more substances, including free radicals, which cause “oxidation” and aging. Thus, most of the food process, the greater the amount of radicals produced is important.

Do you know when you’re satisfied?

When overeating coming to an end, it’s been a while since your body does not need food, especially if you do not make at least 30 minutes of sport per day. The brain is the body responsible for issuing satiety signals but they arrive too late, approximately 20 minutes after the stomach is full. The researchers recommend in this case not to listen to our bodies: after eating normal amounts, ask yourself if you really need to keep eating.

Table to come out with a full stomach can affect your breathing

Have you ever tried to sing after a big meal? Try it and see how hard it is. The stomach is then dilated by too much solid food and liquids and hinders the entry of air into the lungs and the natural movements of the diaphragm, which can degenerate in people with respiratory problems. If in doubt, people who suffer from chronic pain should consult their doctor if they feel a sharp pain at the sternum (middle of the chest) after having eaten much.

Restless sleep

After a hearty meal, you usually feel a sense of fatigue and drowsiness (due to hormonal mixture of two substances, leptin and hypocretin), but when you lay down or you do not sleep or your sleep is light and restless. Now ask yourself if you slept well in recent nights … It has been proven that a person who does not sleep well eat more than necessary.

Excess food can increase the risk of heart attack

Many experts have dubbed December “Month of infarction,” not just because of the cold but also face the consequences of being large meals on the arteries. We know that eating a lot of food, especially if it is very high in fat can cause, among others, increased triglycerides, posing a risk to people in poor health.

Overeating directly affects self-esteem

Especially among women. After overeating, they feel guilty and even if they promise again not to crack, nothing can assuage that guilt then felt. A overeating therefore affects morale and, eventually, could lead to a self-rejection impacting other aspects of your life … you will lose trust in you and suffer complexes.

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