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We are Regen Physicians, and we are the leading clinic for stem cell therapy injections in Southlake, Tx!  By now, if you have been reading newspapers, and watching the news on TV, you have heard of stem cell therapy injections and how it promises to be the ‘next wonder drug’ which can cure everything from cancer to aging skin. While all of this is true to a certain extent, read on to learn how stem cell therapy injections can work wonders for your medical issues, unique or not!

What is stem cell therapy anyway?

This is a very good question to ask since you may be confused by all of the information you hear about stem cell therapy, its uses, and promises, because some of this information may seem to be contradictory, and how can that be good medicine? Stem cell therapy uses stem cells which are the original cells which are formed when the fetus is being developed in a pregnant woman’s uterus. These cells are unique because they contain unique genetic information to build any and all of the cells found in the human body. They are able to repair damaged cells, damaged tissues, and they are able to regenerate cells, tissues, and even entire damaged organs and body parts! Stem cell therapy works when these stem cells are injected into the cells of the patient. The stem cells then become a permanent part of the patient’s body and work wonders!  However, since stem cells die, they have to be replenished with subsequent injections.

How it works…

Stem cells are injected into the patient’s body either by itself or with other genetically engineered materials which are designed to help heal and regenerate specific cells and parts in the patient’s body. Stem cell therapy injections work wonders for people with autism, cerebral palsy, heart disease, heart failure, spinal cord injuries, autoimmune diseases (diseases which result from the person’s immune system attacking itself), osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other debilitating diseases. People with autism and who are in heart failure should be especially mindful of stem cell therapy injections because they can work wonders in terms of treating, and even partially curing these diseases. With autism, scientists have found that they can help reverse the mental disease by injecting cells which reduce the inflammation in the brain which causes autism. With heart disease and heart failure, scientists have found that they can inject cells which can heal the heart muscle and tissue by building new heart muscle tissue, and by transforming existing cells in the heart muscle into new cells which take the place and function of damaged heart cells!

Why us?

This is the most important question to ask, “Why Regen Physicians”? The answer is because we hire doctors who are the best educated, most experienced and best talented at what they do. In other words, they know what they are doing, and this will lead to your health issues being ‘fixed’ with their treatments and surgeries. Unlike as is the case with conventional medicines, treatments, therapies and surgeries which fix what is already functioning to get it to function better, stem cell therapies and treatments heal the body from within and get it to function the way it is supposed to, and at its best at all times.

Now that you know what we do and the wonders we can do for you, book us an appointment, especially if you get a diagnosis of terminal cancer. Our stem cell therapies are guaranteed to send them into remission for good!

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