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Reap the Awards of a Seniors Mobility Scooter

Are you keen to live your life to the fullest? Would you like something to help you get around independently? Read through some of the many benefits of buying a mobility scooter.


If you’re searching for a reliable mobility aids supplier in Sidmouth, you’ll find several companies in the area. They can supply their clients with modern mobility scooters that give each user greater independence. If you’d prefer to get things done by yourself rather than waiting for assistance, why not consider a stylish battery powered scooter to help you get around.

There are different models available for all kinds of clients.

  • Portable scooters – Boot scooters are one of the smallest models, they fit in your car, making them easily transportable.
  • Medium Range – This model is a little larger and it can travel at speeds of up to 4mph.
  • Road Scooter – These are comfortable and ideal for use on the pavement and the road.


Mobility scooters can be used almost anywhere, they range from speeds of 4 to 8mph. This makes them perfect for family outings and other adventures. You can keep up with friends and family without getting tired, allowing you to have fun and socialise.


Unlike wheelchairs, you’ll find that mobility scooters have swivel chairs that aren’t fixed in one spot. This makes it a lot more user friendly, allowing you to easily get on and off the scooter as you please.

A scooter improves your social life by providing greater independence, they’re safe, reliable and come in a range of different styles.


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