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What Problems Can Obesity Cause?

Obesity is an epidemic and one of the greatest global public health threats we have ever faced. About 70 percent of American adults are overweight, and a third of these overweight individuals are obese. 

As a result, obesity-related diseases are skyrocketing. What happens if you are overweight? And what can obesity lead to? Let’s take a look.

Health Problems From Being Overweight

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes develops when the body becomes insulin resistant, allowing the amount of glucose in the blood to become too high. While it is possible to develop diabetes without being overweight or obese, about 8 out of every 10 people with the condition carry around too much weight. It is believed that enlarged fat cells alter the way the body processes insulin, allowing diabetes to develop.

High Blood Pressure

Also known as hypertension, this develops when the body needs to exert extra force to get the blood to flow properly through your veins. This can happen when the blood vessels and arteries are clogged due to a high-fat diet. High blood pressure itself is associated with a host of other medical conditions, including stroke and kidney disease.

Heart Disease

Another condition obesity causes? Heart disease. This is a catch-all term for any problems that can affect your heart. Because clogged arteries and blood fats put a strain on the heart, most of the common cardiac diseases are made worse or caused by obesity. 

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a breathing condition where respiration stops during sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common form, and it is specifically associated with being overweight or obese. This is because the fat cells in the tissues at the back of the mouth and throat swell, allowing these soft tissues to collapse and block the airway. 


We all know that the more we weigh, the more strain we put on our joints. Osteoarthritis is a condition where joints are painful, swollen, and limited in motion. Since being overweight or obese places more strain on the joints, it increases the likelihood of osteoarthritis developing. 

How to Fight Back Against Obesity

None of the above conditions are fun to have, and many of them put your life at risk. If you are overweight or obese, your first step should be eating healthier and exercising more often. However, if these methods alone have failed you, it might be time to consider bariatric surgery procedures in Mexico. Through the correct surgery, you could get the boost you need to live a healthier life.

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