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Hidden Injuries Resulting from Auto Accidents

Car accidents are traumatic but still very common. The force in a car crash can cause significant damage to the vehicle. Victims may also end up with severe injuries or, worse still, death. Back and neck injuries are pretty common during car crashes; there are also many other injuries that you can incur.

Here are hidden injuries to look out for:

  1. Knee injuries

During auto collisions, the force is quite intense and may push you forward. You may strike and hit your knees on the dashboard, which can lead to knee trauma. This can then lead to other types of injuries like a shattered patella. You may also incur damages to the knee cartilage resulting in a torn meniscus.

Such conditions require special treatment and sometimes surgery. You may also want to file a compensation claim. In such a case, Scura accident lawyers advise accident victims to do this immediately. The severity of the knee injury may not be evident immediately, but more severe signs may exhibit later on.

  1. Brain injuries

During the crash, your head may strike something inside the vehicle. Your head may whip several times, resulting in traumatic brain injury. Such an injury can lead to long-term brain damages but may not be apparent immediately. It’s then critical to consult a doctor promptly to ascertain whether you incurred and brain injuries during the collision.

  1. Neck injuries

There are various types of neck injuries; a common example is whiplash. It’s an injury to the soft tissues of the neck. A whiplash injury affects the neck muscles, ligaments and tendons when your neck moves beyond the normal motion. A minor whiplash can be managed by medication, heat therapy and rest. However, severe cases require physical therapy to restore to neck’s strength and flexibility.

  1. Shoulder injuries

Shoulder injuries are common during car accidents. Your shoulder belt wraps over your shoulder; the force from a car accident will focus on that one side. This may result in a twisting motion in your entire body, leading to various injuries.

These may include; deep bruising, shoulder strains, and tears to the ligaments. Worse still, the injuries worsen over time, necessitating a surgery that can be costly. It’s then vital not to ignore any shoulder injury symptoms, for these can be severe.

When should I contact an attorney?

An accident lawyer will guide you on the best steps to take after an accident. It’s advisable to seek medical help and also call an attorney immediately. The lawyer will examine your injuries to ascertain whether you’re eligible for compensation. If the other party was responsible for your damages, the attorney will help you file a compensation claim.

A quick wrap up

You can incur various types of injuries in a car crash. The best way to deal with this is to seek medical help immediately. You should also hire an attorney to guide you in filing a compensation claim. The accident attorney will help you hold the responsible party accountable and negotiate for the right settlement.

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