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Best Ways To Prevent Body Odor

Many of us have experienced that moment in which they did not like their body odor. This problem is however solvable using body products and doing certain things that help prevent body odor. Making body odor go away is therefore easy and should not be worried about the number of available options in the market to use. Some people still get the odor even on bathing frequently hence the need to enlighten on the various products that can be used to avoid having body odor at all costs. Below are some of them.

  1.     Choose the Right Deodorant to Use.

One of the ways to ensure that you do not develop body odor is by knowing the correct product to pick that is suitable for you. Most people have bought ball deodorants and deodorant sticks only to realize that it does not work efficiently for them in reducing or preventing odors. 

Deodorants should be long-lasting such that the person who uses them remains fresh for most of the day. The active ingredients included in deodorant can help one to choose the best fit for them hence you do not have to sample every product.

  1.     Use Industrial Grade Antiperspirants.

Strong industrial antiperspirants are usually made from aluminum chloride. This ingredient in the antiperspirant is usually strong enough that it keeps the sweat away. Antiperspirants also have deodorants included in them. They exist in different forms such as sprays, antiperspirant lotion, and antiperspirant wipes.

  1.     Use Antibacterial Soap.

Bathing thoroughly using antibacterial soaps helps to reduce and eliminate some of the bacteria that are responsible for the odor. Such soaps are therefore effective in reducing and preventing body odors.

  1.     Always Put on Clean Clothes

People who experience heavy sweating should always ensure they have a change of clean clothes. Using clean clothes helps to minimize the odor. This applies to reducing both the feet odor and body odor.

  1.     Reduce Consumption of Certain Foods and Drinks.

Certain types of food are known to contribute to someone’s body odors. These are the types of food that stimulate sweating such as spicy foods and hot peppers. Additionally, garlic and onions aroma can also end up in someone’s sweat leading to odors. Finally, avoiding high caffeine content drinks and alcohol helps to reduce body odor.


Body smells are common occurrences in everyone’s life. They however may become very irritating if not handled, avoided, or treated. They are a result of an individual’s genetics, skin attracted bacteria, and overall body hygiene practices. There are several proposed reasons as to why one is likely to be having a strong body odor and with the avoidance of some of the habits, it is possible to reduce the stench until it disappears completely. Certain body parts are known to be more susceptible to body odor since they have several apocrine glands. The best methods that help reduce odors attack the point where the odor originates from such as the armpits.

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