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Yoga, what is it?


Yoga, with several other techniques, is one of the mind-body approaches. A listing presents the principles that underlie these approaches, and their main potential applications.

Yoga is relatively new in the western landscape, but it is well established. Courses can be followed in leisure centers and health clinics in both areas than in cities – courses that cater to children, the elderly, stressed person, a healthy, pregnant women, athletes …

Is that yoga has features that are appropriate for many. The courses are generally done in a group, in a safe, non-competitive environment. Yoga does not require special skills. He almost instantly facilitates mental and muscular relaxation. In the medium term, it develops flexibility and helps treat many musculoskeletal problems. Regular practice seems to help relieve serious health problems and promote better overall health.

A part of a whole

Developed in India over thousands of years, yoga (in a broad sense) is a comprehensive method of personal development and a science of spiritual practice. It includes several dimensions, the main ones being the following.

  • Devotion (bhakti yoga)
  • The right action (karma yoga)
  • Knowledge (jnana yoga)
  • Health and concentration by lifestyle and postures (hatha-yoga)

Yoga classes posted on bulletin boards and in newspapers usually concern the latter dimension, hatha yoga. Its role in the traditional spiritual path is to discipline the mind and keep the body in optimal condition so that the person can meditate better and longer.

Postures require stretching movements, bending and twisting that promote flexibility of the spine, seek the joints, muscles and nerves, and exert an action on all organs and glands. The digestive system is thereby stimulated, and improved blood circulation. In addition, maintaining a posture for a while trains the mind to develop perseverance and concentration, and gives him the benefits of meditation.

As for breathing techniques, they ask, for example, to pay particular attention, inspire slowly or in spurts, alternate nostril, place the language in certain ways, etc. According to ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), the life of a human being is not measured in days, but the number of breaths … The ultimate goal of breathing techniques to develop and control the prana, the “vital force “.

Yoga says that a healthy body is absolutely essential for mental and spiritual evolution. As yogis say: “Health is wealth. Mental peace is happiness. Yoga shows the way. do you even lift

As for prenatal yoga, there are courses geared to the specific needs of pregnant women. The instructor chooses certain exercises (postural and breathing) to help them overcome the difficulties related to pregnancy, to facilitate the steps of childbirth and encourage the return to the body balance after birth. Instructors can be practiced in one or other of the movements mentioned above.

New colors Yoga

Yoga loses its increasingly esoteric connotation. So many schools now offer courses in business. After work or at lunch time, business people loosen their ties and workers break their routine. Others believe it is an interesting entry door to a discipline that can only do good.

Yoga for all

Although yoga is inscribed at the base, to a spiritual practice hatha yoga is not a religion and can be used by any individual, regardless of his beliefs, such as health and healing tool .dropoff window In some contexts, such as health clinics, classes are completely devoid of religious references.

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