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Why do people choose to use vapes?

In today’s world, everyone is looking for smarter options for all things. The same goes with smoking, the smokers are looking for innovative ways that can be better for them and the people around them.In the quest to find a better way to use nicotine the companies like Geek Bars have come up with vapes. These are much easier to use and allow the user to be in control of the time and amount of nicotine they want to use. Also, it is not harmful to those around the user. The new designs are sleek and smart. By giving many flavours they have made vaping even more attractive for those who look for fun. The younger generation is also using it to enhance their number of followers online and quite like it.

More and more people seem to be making the shift from traditional cigarettes to vapes. Actually, they are the better and cleaner way to consume nicotine. It is healthier or not is still a debatable topic. Here are a few things they love about it:

  • Helps to quit:the people who are trying to get healthy by quitting smoking over a period of time must try vaping. In vaping the satisfaction is higher and keep you content for longer with the same amount of tobacco. Since the tobacco is not burnt there is no wastage. Also, in the vapes, the e-liquid being used is much stronger and concentrate so,a lesser amount works for a longer time. There is a control in the user’s hand in devices like Elf Bars. They can puff for a short while and then stop, unlike the cigarette which is to be used in one go else wasted. Here there will be no wastage. So, the user can increase the gaps and reduce the time of each smoking session.
  • Trendy:the new devicesof Beco Bars are trendy and come in various colours. They are smart as they do not even need a button. It is just as long as a pen and can fit in your pocket or a purse. It will be ready to use it whenever you wish. Even indoors with your friends. This feature is loved by most users as they can be in the company of their loved ones and do not have to stand out alone to smoke.
  • Many flavours: there are so many options of flavours that are available. You can try out a new one every time and have fun. There are fruity flavours, minty flavours and much more. Also due to this, there is no bad after breath or pungent smell on you. So, you will get the pleasure of using nicotine while being with others even around kids, you can use it. You can buy a pack of mixed flavours online or from a store close to you. The devices remain the same just the pods are replaced. This makes it pocket friendly as well.

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