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A more vulnerable skin

On the surface, the corneal layer thickens and the skin gets a little rougher and drier making it more vulnerable to attacks. In the dermis, fibroblasts produce less collagen, elastin (elastic fibers) deteriorates and breaks. The skin becomes thinner and less flexible. Wrinkles and fine lines are pointing the nose. The complexion is sometimes pale, pink cheeks diminishes due to the vascular circulation which also slows down. The pigmentation is also changing – the number of melanocytes decreases – which favors the appearance of brown spots, growing phenomenon in case of repeated exposure to the sun. Sebum secretion is reduced, which alters the hydrolipidic film and makes the skin drier and more vulnerable.

Food, a key role

Finally, the feed. No cream, as wonderful as it is, will only be effective if we eat poorly. “Our supply allows to change billions of cells that need to be renewed every day” It is through our vascular system that nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals) “travel” in the body and nourish all cells and organs including the skin, of course, belongs.

But if the role of blood capillaries is to nourish the organs of cells, the other half of the network load to eliminate waste and transport them to the excretory organs (kidney, intestine and skin) capable of evacuating. “We must never forget that the skin is an organ of elimination and breathing” says Henri Chenot. Hence the importance of the “detoxify” resisting the temptation to scrub.

Start with the Detox

Before any treatment, get rid of skin toxins will allow the skin to regain a new breath. Hard to imagine the quantities of toxic substances that accumulate each day (laboratories count billions!). They come from the covering and barrier creams, chemical compounds that the body can not eliminate free radicals, a too rich including protein degradation food … They suffocate the skin, and stop the mechanism vital cells. Result: the complexion loses its radiance and skin elasticity.

Steam clean

Detox skin through appropriate products capable of removing dead cells and boost microcirculation by a deep cleaning that protects the skin flora. Or overly aggressive exfoliation is likely to cause damage and refine the protective barrier. Which will dehydrate the skin and cause irritation. Rather Adopt care that promote natural desquamation as facial sauna, steam diffuser or a session once a month hammam. It is better to remove small amounts of dead cells every day, gently, rather than too much at once by a weekly session.

…or from the inside

Detox the skin can also operate within drinking water and focusing on foods that are known to cleanse the liver: the bitter vegetables, exotic fruits and citrus. The artichoke also helps eliminate toxins and has a draining action that reduces congestion liver and strengthens the functioning of the gallbladder. You can also drink lemon juice diluted with water in the morning and make a cure antioxidants (pomegranate bulbs or resveratrol grapes) for fifteen days.

Drain manually

To complete the cleansing process and before “feed” the skin with a new treatment, make a habit of draining manually. Activate the microcirculation is the best cleaning. Just make small pressures  along the lymph nodes on each side of the neck, behind the ears, around the eyes, in the center of the brow and temples. Each pumping is performed with the pulp of the middle and index finger and is repeated three times. You can also pinch the skin between the pulp of the thumb and forefinger.

Choosing creams

“Some cosmetics, including serums, can finally help eliminate toxins especially during the night,  depending on the time of day or night, our skin eliminates or regenerates. Hence the importance of choosing the right products.

The skin is a breathing body, we must also respect his skin ecology and sometimes leave without cream (one night a week, for example) so that in getting them to work herself, she learns to build without assistance its natural defenses. do you even lift

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