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The Reason Behind The Success Of The Best Mri In Banglore

A type of scan that generates crystal clear images of the inside of the body with the help of radio waves and magnetic fields is known as magnetic resonance imaging or MRI. A computer and a scanner are used to produce images of the body. It is used to find out any unusual thing in the body so that it can be handled by professional doctors. If the MRI is done earlier, then even a dangerous disease like cancer can also be prevented from attacking the body. There are many hospitals everywhere, but one of the best mri in bangalore because of its access and the specialists and experts have increased the bar of other places and hospitals.

Preparations to do before an MRI scan

You should keep in mind that there is no part of any metal in your body because it affects your safety while undergoing an MRI scan. Some items like pacemakers or implants can slow down the process of your process because of the magnetic field present in the MRI. Any metal including the sunglasses or jewellery, can interfere in the process of the MRI scan. In the MRI room, no electrical devices are allowed because of the same reason. The patient is asked many times about them being comfortable and is very important that the patient is comfortable in the room and is not feeling claustrophobic. There are many precautions taken in the case of pregnant women as the MRI’s magnetic field can questionably affect the unborn children.

The process of MRI scans

During the MRI scan, you are made to lie on a bed that is moved towards the scanner, whether from the side of the head or feet. A radiographer who is a trained professional in taking out imaging investigation operates the MRI scanner. The scanner is controlled by a computer which is kept in a different room to keep it away from the scanner that generates a magnetic field. The radiographer can watch you through the scan on a small television monitor, and they can also talk to you with the help of an intercom. When the electric current produced in the coils of the scanner when it is turned on and off, a loud noise is made during the scan. Headphones or earplugs will be provided to the patient so that they remain during the scan. The time of the scan depends upon the size of the part of the body being scanned and on the number of images being taken.

What happens after an MRI scan?

After the scan, the patient gets dressed and leaves the scanning room. If any sedative was given to the patient, then they are taken to the recovery area until the patient is well enough to go. It usually takes one or two hours for the patient to wake up. The radiologist who took your imaging with the help of the scanner checks the MRI images of the patient and hand it to the doctor who will properly investigate the images and will come to a conclusion. It takes around 2-3 days, but in case of an emergency, the results can be provided instantly. The next step would be the report made by the doctor by checking the patient’s case and if anything strange is discovered with the images taken by the MRI scanner.

Benefits of an MRI scan

The MRI scan is used for the detection and scanning of any abnormalities in the patient’s body so that a solution is found as soon as possible. It also helps in discovering anything strange or unusual in their images taken from the MRI scanner. They help in detecting any unusual thing in the soft organs of the body like the heart and the brain, and it also detects soft tissues, including cartilage tissues. Unlike other processes, MRI scan does not involve any radiations, which makes it safe for the people whose skin could get irritated because of the effects of radiation like small children or pregnant women. The images taken with the help of an MRI scanner is crystal clear, with even the smallest detail perfectly precise. An MRI is often recommended for taking pictures of the internal organs of the body because of the precise, detailed image generated by the MRI scanner. The most popular and famous mribanglore is because of the city of the name and of the latest technologies that are introduced instantly.

Its side effects

  • The patients who have metal in their body like having heart pacemakers, artificial heart, metal implants or artificial joints
  • People who have a problem in dealing with small spaces can also experience a problem during the process of MRI
  • It can cause itching in the eyes of the patient that can be worse as the MRI scan progresses further and further
  • The patients with soft and sensitive skin can have irritating skin which can become worse with time because of the sensitivity
  • The MRI scan can also give the patient with headaches, burning and pain in the brain and body till the patient is given some sedative to sooth the pain

Types of MRI machines

  • A machine that uses a smaller scanner instead of the traditional way of using a large and tube-shaped device is called an extremity MRI. This is preferred by those who have a problem in working with small spaces. It is often preferred for diagnosing bone infections, fractures, nerve related issues, or fractures
  • The machine used in the open MRI is also different from the traditional type of MRI machines. This has a disadvantage that it does not create enough magnetic field
  • The third type of MRI machine is known as Tesla MRI that has twice the magnetic field that the traditional type of machine has.

MRI abbreviated as magnetic resonance imaging using a magnetic field and radio waves to capture an image of the body while X-ray is used in the case of CT scan or computed tomography. The people prefer CT scan over MRI because it costs less even though MRI, in every way, is superior to CT scan because of its detailed image. MRI is highly recommended by the doctors because of the crystal image that it provides is very helpful for them to discover any unusual thing in the images.

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