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How to Prevent Food Poisoning

Food poisoning ailments have become so rampant these days. Many cases are mild, and the body fights to restore your health even without treatment. But others are so severe and could even cost hundreds of dollars to treat.

This article gives you a few guidelines that you need to follow to avoid food poisoning.

Wash Your Hands

Your hands handle everything you eat or drink, and if your hands are contaminated, they poison your food, leading to related ailments. Wash your hands thoroughly. After handling raw food, meat, and fruits, you should wash your hands. Again, after touching the bin, animals, blowing your nose, make sure to clean your hands.

Cook Food Thoroughly

You should cook chicken, burgers, and sausages until they are cooked thoroughly,  with no pink meat inside. Don’t wash raw meat with water since that could spread bacteria around the cooking area. When you freeze raw meat, the level of campylobacter bacteria is reduced, but cooking is the best remedy.

Eating Out

When you go out to eat in a restaurant or a café, the chances are that you’re going to be poisoned and therefore you’ve to take foodborne illness prevention measures. That’s a commercial area, and most of the time, they are not keen on how they handle food and drinks. The utensils, the furniture, etc., may not be cleaned and disinfected; thus, when they serve you, you may be at risk of eating contaminated food.

You can always carry packed lunch from home or even drinks. But if you have to eat out, research the health inspection scores for the venue. You can also look around to see how clean the restaurant is. Then, if it doesn’t meet your health standards, find another place to eat.

When Traveling

Following are some tips to avoid germs while traveling:

First, choose cooked foods: Hot, cooked foods will always be safe to heat. Most harmful microorganisms can only survive a certain temperature level, and anything beyond that level will kill them.

Eat dry foods: Lots of the bugs that cause food poisoning do so in the presence of moisture. So to remain safe as you travel, look for dry foods like bread; get factory-sealed foods like tuna.

Choose canned drinks: The best choice here is carbonated drinks; the bubbles will tell you if it is appropriately sealed. If tea or coffee arrives when hot, then you should also be okay with that. Avoid tap water, raw food, and other items whose source could be compromised.

Keep Your Fridge Temperature Low

Keeping your fridge temperature below 5° means that bacteria cannot survive, and therefore if you store food there, the risk of germ multiplication is minimalized. But, of course, you can always get a fridge thermometer that will help you maintain the temperature.

Food poisoning can disorient you, especially when you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on hospital bills and medication. But you can avoid this situation by taking the appropriate measures like ensuring the cleanliness of your hands and the food you handle. 

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