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Give New Technology Chance To Make Your Face Younger And Beautiful

Many women, but also men, desire to have flawless skin. Until one point, that can be achievable with some creams and cosmetics treatments, but the aging process is something that cannot be fully prevented. That is why many people, who wish to look a few years younger, are looking for solutions which will be more effective and last longer.

Ultherapy procedure

Sagging skin and wrinkles are something that bothers many women and men. The aging process is making changes in our body and skin, making it less elastic and that is the main reason why wrinkles and fine lines appear. Our skin begins to produce less collagen, which is the molecule that makes our skin elastic and soft.

Give New Technology Chance To Make Your Face Younger And Beautiful

Ultrasound energy will stimulate new collagen in your skin

Specialists are interested in the ways to increase the production of collagen, so they have designed a few cosmetics procedures that can achieve that, and one of them is an ultherapy procedure. This procedure uses ultrasound energy to affect the deeper layers of your skin, where the collagen will be produced, and to tighten and lift your skin.

This is a non-surgical procedure, where your skin will be affected externally with the gel and the ulthera device. There is no pain or downtime with the ultherapy procedure, you may only feel some heating sensations. The ultherapy Melbourne cost from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne depends on the treated area, but it is much more affordable than, for example, classical facelifting.

Picosure laser treatment

One more way to make your skin look beautiful is with picosure laser. This treatment will remove your undesirable skin pigmentation way much faster than the older versions of laser treatments. The picosure laser Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will not just remove skin pigmentation, it can also remove tattoos, acne scars, and even wrinkles.

Picosure laser treatment

Results after picosure laser treatment

This laser is designed to be more precise, and this will lead to better results. Many benefits are accomplished with this laser procedure. There is almost no downtime and the skin rejuvenation is visible right after the procedure. Depending on the situation, three to six sessions is the average number. The skin will need to heal in between the treatments, so there will be a pause of a few weeks.

This is a newer treatment that is becoming more popular. It is a very simple procedure which doesn’t require much time and has great results. There are some conditions and health problems when this treatment is not desirable, so if you wonder if you are the right candidate for picosure laser treatment, make a consultation with the specialist and get all the information you need.

Final word

Understanding procedures that you will like to undergo through it’s very important, as you will know what to expect and be realistic with the results. Also, make sure to make it clear to your practitioner what you will like to achieve, as there are other procedures that may suit you better.

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