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Expert Tips To Keep Your Teeth White

There are several factors that give together to make your teeth lose their natural sheen and texture. Your teeth, as per the opinion of leading professionals working as a dentist Tampa, can lose its natural whiteness due to certain stain-causing food items that you may consume. On top of that, injurious habits like excessive alcohol consumption and tobacco use can also accelerate the effects.

The natural outer layer of your teeth called enamel gets stained from prolonged tobacco use and habitual alcoholism. On top of that, poor oral hygiene can also deteriorate things further in the form of excess plaque formation resulting in dull, pale, yellowish looking teeth.

It is never a bad idea to regularly visit the dentist and get your teeth looked at. Other than that, you can also make the following ways to keep your teeth white easily. Read on.

Oil Pulling

This is a natural remedy that is practiced since time immemorial to keep one’s teeth white. Here one gargles with coconut oil which helps to remove toxins from one’s body along with the stain-causing particles from the enamel of the teeth along with a plaque.

Oil pulling is also a great way to cut inflammation in one’s teeth and reduce bacterial growth as well. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid which has the ability to geep dental conditions like gingivitis at bay.

Brushing with baking soda

Baking soda is a natural abrasive which means it can help clean the excess plaque from your teeth and bring back the natural sheen underneath. It is one of the many reasons why baking soda has become the number one ingredient in several leading toothpaste brands all over the globe.

If you use baking soda once every day then you will be benefiting a lot especially if you suffer from bad breath syndrome. Baking soda reacts with the saliva in your mouth to create an alkaline environment. The result is less bacterial growth in your mouth and fresh breath. Using baking soda won’t show its positive results overnight but with regular use, you will be able to see the effects in no time.

Apple cider vinegar anyone!?

Apple cider vinegar has a bleaching effect on your teeth but always remember to use it less often since acetic acid can erode away the calcium content in your teeth making them softer – which is obviously bad news.

The key to using apple cider vinegar in a safe way is to use it as a mouthwash. Before using it as a mouthwash, one needs to dilute it with water and gargle with it. After using it for several minutes, don’t forget to rinse your mouth with normal water afterward.

So these have been some home based, easy to make solutions that can help you to get white, shiny teeth in no time. Dentists always recommend their clients to make sure that they consume a lot of fruits. Chewing on fresh juicy fruits and obviously, a lot of fresh green veggies in the form of salad is not only good for your jaws and gums but will also strengthen the roots of your teeth. There’s no alternative to brushing, flossing and using mouthwashes but having a healthy diet will help keep your teeth free from excess plaque resulting in whiter teeth.

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