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Astrology: synastry and horoscope


In life, as in astrology, you can’t be compatible with everyone. Some people naturally have a good fit with certain people and a weaker fit with others. We all deal with this in our daily life. A synastry report can give you insight into how compatible you and your partner actually are. This in-depth analysis of both your birth charts goes far beyond only star signs.

How does a synastry report work?

synastry report is all about laying two birth charts on top of each other and examining the fit. In synastry, one of the most important things is the way people affect each other individually and how they connect. It shows how you push each other’s buttons. Important compatibility indicators include the way you communicate, the amount of attraction you have as well as sthe level of friendship. Both weaknesses and strengths of the relationship come to light.

A synastry report is simply one of the ways astrology can give you information and help you understand things when it comes to your relationship. It can give you great insights into whether the relationship is built on a strong foundation and what the chances are that you will last together for a long time. If you are struggling, you might get insights into why and get to know more about your personalities. Not only will you learn a lot about your partner, you will also learn a lot about yourself.

Horoscope 2021

Astrologers study the planetary movements and transits and the way this affects different aspects in people’s lives such as family, finance, health, career, relationships or education. The predictions give an outline of events likely to happen, whether this be challenges or opportunities. Reading your horoscope for 2021 gives you an indication of what lies ahead. Discover things such as:

  • What’s the update on the corona virus and when will there be a vaccine?
  • What is going to happen in your career?
  • Will you meet your soulmate next year or get married?
  • What special events can you expect in the coming year?

General 2021 Horoscope

For most, 2020 was not a great year. We have all had to deal with the corona pandemic and all the consequences that have arisen. But how about 2021? What does it have in store for us and how does the old give way to the new?

The year 2021 is a promising year that will bring positive changes for all Zodiac signs. People at large will enjoy good vibes and satisfaction. Of course there are also some challenging aspects, and these should be dealt with in the best way possible. We will have more peace and will be able to recover somewhat from the worldwide virus and all it has brought along.

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