Makeup: 9 things you need to know


Professional makeup artists deliver you the secrets of a flawless makeup.  1. Hide those dark circles Discover how to take the make-up artists for a flawless finish. “Before the concealer, apply a treatment rich in antioxidants, including vitamins A, E and C, to reduce dark circles and reduce inflammation, Expect it to be absorbed through …

Weight loss

Secrets of Long Term Weight Control

Long Term Weight Control

1. Low-calorie portion controlled diet: Successful weight loss maintainers continue to act like recently successful weight losers for many years after weight loss. They do not believe in a transient change but a lasting change in lifestyle and dietary habits. We typically ask our patients to limit their carbohydrate intake during the daytime and eat between …

Weight loss

Why must leave the table until you have a full stomach?

leave the table until you have a full stomach

Today we burn about 140 calories per day less that 50 years ago, since the work demanded a bigger physical effort and people walked more. Experts point out that there are two ways to fight against this trend and avoid obesity: exercise more and leave the table without being totally full. With the following information …