The Weight Loss Checklist

Weight Loss Checklist

Staying slim and fit is the need of the hour. No matter how much you deny it but somewhere down your mind you want to shed some kilos and be more like able. Though the idea behind your efforts should be more health related but getting rid of some pounds never hurt anyone, right? So before you realize you are already checking out the internet and following a crash diet that worked for someone 2000 miles away from you with a different lifestyle than yours! But losing weight and sticking to your new weight cannot be ruled by a fad diet. What you need is a plan that keeps you on track even after you have lost the excess fat bags from your belly. We have got some tips for you that can seriously act as your check list of ‘how to lose weight fast’! Read on to know more and take a step towards a better and thinner you!

Calories matter: You just can’t deny the fact that to lose weight you ultimately have to manage the calories that walk in and out of your body. Shedding kilos would begin by losing more calories than you are taking in. So get down to a journal writing now and keep a tab on the number of calories you are ingesting per day and the calories you are burning with your sweat sessions!

Smaller goals

The biggest problem most of us face while on our diet is that we set unrealistic goals and when they are not realized we leave then half way. So before you begin your routine of weight loss learn to set small goals that are attainable. This way you will have motivation for carrying out your efforts in future because you can validate the result through attaining the small goals!

More water intake:  A great way to keep your weight in check is by knowing when you are really hungry and when not. Do you know that thirst is great at confusing you and can often seem like hunger? So before you reach for that bag of chips to calm your growling stomach in mid morning, consider having a drink of water. Chances are that by the time you have finished the glass, you are not feeling hungry anymore. Another reason to drink water is that it will boost your metabolism and you will ultimately be less bloated and sleeker!

Check for added sugar: Do you have an answer for your fat that does not budge even when you have been strict with diet food and all? Though you have been eating only ‘healthy’ packed foods, you have been adding piles of sugar to your body that is ultimately showing through the muffin top! The next time you find yourself in a supermarket for some grocery shopping, check the labels of packed foods (you have no idea how much sugar they contain to make boring things tasty!).

Your agenda of Weight Loss in 3 Weeks can be met with these steps despite keeping fad diets at a safe distance. Making healthy choices throughout the day will surely show its benefits and is definitely safer than anyone of those advertisements of losing weight magically with a diet without shedding a drop of sweat!

Do you really know your skin type?

know your skin type

It feels tight, blushed buds … You do not know what cream you turn. Or your skin speak, just listen. Forgetting ideas and standard classifications, you can better treat it.

Dry or oily? False debate. Your skin is not a single feature, but multifaceted. Like you. Talking about skin type does not mean much, because it changes constantly. Better to talk about skin conditions: skin most often revolves around a trend, which changes depending on the climate, season, lifestyle, hormonal changes, stress, fatigue, psyche, disease, cosmetics attacks … Inseparable from his environment, your skin is expressed constantly. If all goes By learning to decode its messages, you will recognize its real needs. And you will give him the right products at the right time.



You can not stand anything on his face right now. We all go through times when our skin is more reactive. If your skin has difficulty absorbing what you call it, it is often because it has been “too full cosmetic” and not because it is sensitive. You can not stand the slightest friction, such as contact with a sponge or a little rough grains in the presence of a scrub.


Your skin glows, but only after cleaning? You might have stripped too. You have large pores or pimples? This may be the fault of your extractions of blackheads, to creams too rich or stress …

Thirty minutes after cleaning the face with a mild pH-neutral product, use a tissue paper in different areas (forehead, nose, cheeks) and see the result: “oil stains” on all areas? Your skin has an oily. Only on the nose or forehead? It is rather mixed.


Your skin feels tight. But this may be due to hard water, air conditioning, stress …Dry skin does not support the water. Presence of scales, need to apply the cream several times a day … express a dry trend.


To find out, do this simple test: pinch your cheek (or the back of your hand) and see how long the crease disappears. If the skin keeps track of the pinch more than ten seconds, is that it is about to release. Think firming creams.


– If you wear makeup, or if you put sunscreen, clean your skin at night. Spend your cleanser twice. In the second application, massage it until it becomes transparent. Rinse with thermal water, then apply a lotion.
– When a product is, do not change it for the novelty.
– Do not look for too immediate effect. A cream is in forty days approximately, the time that the product drops to the basal layer.
– Modulate the products according to your living conditions. If you are in the country, let your skin breathe, especially at night. Remember the night cream every other night.

Skin Care Moisturising

Skin Moisturising

Facial Skin Improvement Techniques


Why it matters, If you think of the difference between a plum and a prune, a grape and a raisin, you’ll see what a  difference moisture – or lack of it-can make! Moisture is the magic ingredient which keeps skin soft and supple and keeps it looking young. Make moisturising a regular step in your skin care routine and your complexion will reap these benefits.

Why your skin needs water

When we talk of moisture in relation to your skin, we really mean water. It is the skin’s water content which keeps it looking good and keeps it healthy too.
If your skin lacks sufficient water it will become rough and dry. Fine lines may form and the skin may appear thinner and more fragile.
Skin which is short of water is also less supple so that it may crack or become chapped.

Harsh winds, hot sun, cold weather and dry air from central heating are just some of the external factors that can take moisture from your skin.

Skin is a very complex structure and the ways that it retains water are equally complicated. Basically, there are three natural ‘barriers’ which prevent too much water loss. The uppermost layer of the skin provides two and the ‘acid mantle’ makes up the third.
The uppermost layer of the skin is made up of dead cells. These overlap to form a natural barrier to regulate water loss. Within the uppermost layer are chemical substances called Natural Moisturising Factors which also help to hold water in the skin.
The ‘acid mantle’ on the skin’s surface is a film of water, perspiration and sebum – an oily substance secreted from glands below the skin’s surface. The oil in this film helps to ‘fix’ water to the skin.

How water is lost

A small amount of water is, nevertheless, continually lost from the surface of the skin through evaporation. At the same time, the lost water is continually being replaced from the skin’s lower layers. Ideally, water loss and replacement should be regulated by the skin so that water content is always kept at the right level. But only skin which is in good condition will function ideally. Dry skin does not control its water content well and all skins become drier with age.

There are also many external factors which speed up the rate at which water is lost. Harsh winds, hot sun, cold weather and dry air from central heating all increase the evaporation of surface water from the skin.If the skin is immersed for too long a time in water, particularly hot water, it will lose water and become dry. You can see this by looking at your fingertips after a long, hot bath.

Chemical factors, too, can lead to excessive water loss. Many detergents and household cleansers can cause dryness because they damage or even temporarily remove both the Natural Moisturing Factors and the skin’s ‘acid mantle’. The ‘acid mantle’ can also be adversely affected by using unsuitable cosmetic products. For example, an astringent made for an oily skin but used on a dry skin would remove essential oil and leave the skin very dry.

Although your skin needs water, that alone can’t be used as a moisturiser as it would quickly evaporate. And although oil will ‘fix’ water to the skin, that alone can’t moisturise either. A moisturiser combines both oil and water.

Moisturisers keep your skin looking good by:
• adding more moisture
• helping to retain moisture
• counteracting the effects of moisture loss
• protecting your skin against dry conditions
• making your skin smoother, so that make­up goes on better and stays on better.

Motivational Sanitation Slogans to Optimize Your Health

Your Health

In order to optimize your health wellness, it is imperative to understand the importance of sanitation. This is the hygienic-based means of optimizing your health through the simple prevention of coming in contact with waste hazards. The hazards that detrimentally impact the health wellness of an individual may be physical-based, microbiological, chemical-based, and biological in nature.

There are many health wellness and sanitation slogans that can assist in reminding each of us the importance of steering clear of potentially dangerous agents that may result in the decline of our physical health and reduce functionality of the body. In this guide, you will be introduced to motivational sanitation slogans that are sure to assist in improving your health wellness, as an individual.


Out of all of the health wellness and sanitation slogans out there, “Commit to be Fit” is considered to be one of the most popular. If you want to optimize your health, it is imperative to ensure that you consume foods that are packed with nutrients and engage in an exercise program that tones and firms your body. By ensuring that your body is not burdened by excess weight, you have the potential to live a long life that is not plagued by health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and an increased risk for heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular complications.


When it comes to health and wellness, it is essential to ensure that you exercise on a regular basis. Many health wellness and sanitation slogans refer to the physical needs of the body. In this particular quote, we are informed that if we do not exercise for seven days, we are sure to become weak. Exercise has been proven to be effective in enlarging the cells of the body and optimizing the neural-based adaptations that assist in improving the interactions between the muscles and the nerves. When the muscles of the body are enhanced, more cells are generated within the body. This not only produces more energy, but, it assists in the overall functioning of each component of the body.


There are numerous health and wellness quotes about the importance of sleep. The one that instructs one to go to bed early and rise early is considered to be one of the most popular health wellness and sanitation slogans today. According to medical professionals, sleep is considered to be an active period for the body. It is during this time in which very important processes, necessary restoration, and simple strengthening occurs. There are several critical functions that occur when we are asleep. Examples include the regeneration of muscles, the consolidation of memories, and the allowance each of the organs to “reset” for optimal performance.


By keeping these simple health wellness slogans in mind, you have the capability to enjoy optimal health. Committing to becoming as healthy as possible, ensuring that your body gets the proper amount of exercise, and making certain that you get the proper amount of rest each and every single night will not only allow you to feel better, it will make your body perform optimally – around the clock. Health wellness is critical for both your physiological health and your psychological health. By committing to your health, your health will commit to you – for a lifetime.

3 Tips To Handle Cravings And Hunger When Losing Weight

Cravings And Hunger When Losing Weight

It’s inevitable, there will be some hunger and cravings when you’re trying to lose weight. For most people, feeling hungry is very uncomfortable which leads them to indulge and negate their weight loss efforts. What’s happening when you’re losing weight is that your body is trying to preserve its fat stores in case of a real famine. When you’re dieting, you have to eat in a calorie deficit to lose weight so your body interprets this as if there is no more food available. The hunger hormone known as ghrelin increases and causes you to feel that grumbling tummy and seek out food in order to save your life. Unfortunately our bodies don’t realize we are really just trying to shed some pounds and no, we aren’t actually dying. The leaner you get though (think those last 10lbs), the more hunger you will feel. This hungry feeling is a survival mechanism so don’t worry, you’re not alone with this feeling. Here are some tips you can use to help you feel full and quell cravings even when you’re dieting.

Tip 1: Volume
Sometimes simply filling up your stomach with high volume foods does the trick. A volume food is something that is low in calories but is high in quantity/mass. A great example of a volume food is vegetables. Eating a large bowl of sliced cucumber or celery sticks will not derail your diet because they are so low in calories and are filling. You’d be amazed at how adding 4-5 servings of vegetables a day can do wonders for cravings and keep you feeling full. Here are some more examples of volume foods:
• spaghetti squash
• kelp or konjac noodles (low carbohydrate noodles)
• puffed rice, quinoa or millet
• pickles
• replacing oils with applesauce in baking recipes at a 1:1 ratio

Tip 2: Fluids
Try drinking water when you feel hungry. It is common to mistake hunger for thirst. When we fill our stomachs with water this can help keep that hunger feeling at bay. It’s also a tactic to keep us feeling full so we won’t eat more food than we should. Here are some more examples of fluids you can have to help with hunger and cravings:
• plain tea
• black coffee
• any 0 calorie beverage such as natural sodas or natural sparkling fruit waters

Tip 3: Stay Busy
Have you ever had a long, busy day that you came home from and said, “Wow, I didn’t even eat today”? You were completely occupied that you didn’t have time to eat. This is a good strategy to implement to deal with cravings – keep yourself busy. Here are some things you can do to redirect your focus from cravings and the “dieting hunger”:
• get out of the kitchen or even out of the house
• go for a walk or bicycle ride
• exercise
• walk the dog
• visit or call a friend
• clean and/or organize your home
• do any activity that you love such as singing, dancing, painting, knitting, playing a game, or watching a movie
• work on a project you’ve been meaning to get to

Losing weight has pros and cons but keep in mind that losing weight is temporary, and when you’ve achieved your goals you can slightly increase calories again. Stay disciplined, focused and consistent and you will reach your goals.

Yoga, what is it?


Yoga, with several other techniques, is one of the mind-body approaches. A listing presents the principles that underlie these approaches, and their main potential applications.

Yoga is relatively new in the western landscape, but it is well established. Courses can be followed in leisure centers and health clinics in both areas than in cities – courses that cater to children, the elderly, stressed person, a healthy, pregnant women, athletes …

Is that yoga has features that are appropriate for many. The courses are generally done in a group, in a safe, non-competitive environment. Yoga does not require special skills. He almost instantly facilitates mental and muscular relaxation. In the medium term, it develops flexibility and helps treat many musculoskeletal problems. Regular practice seems to help relieve serious health problems and promote better overall health.

A part of a whole

Developed in India over thousands of years, yoga (in a broad sense) is a comprehensive method of personal development and a science of spiritual practice. It includes several dimensions, the main ones being the following.

  • Devotion (bhakti yoga)
  • The right action (karma yoga)
  • Knowledge (jnana yoga)
  • Health and concentration by lifestyle and postures (hatha-yoga)

Yoga classes posted on bulletin boards and in newspapers usually concern the latter dimension, hatha yoga. Its role in the traditional spiritual path is to discipline the mind and keep the body in optimal condition so that the person can meditate better and longer.

Postures require stretching movements, bending and twisting that promote flexibility of the spine, seek the joints, muscles and nerves, and exert an action on all organs and glands. The digestive system is thereby stimulated, and improved blood circulation. In addition, maintaining a posture for a while trains the mind to develop perseverance and concentration, and gives him the benefits of meditation.

As for breathing techniques, they ask, for example, to pay particular attention, inspire slowly or in spurts, alternate nostril, place the language in certain ways, etc. According to ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), the life of a human being is not measured in days, but the number of breaths … The ultimate goal of breathing techniques to develop and control the prana, the “vital force “.

Yoga says that a healthy body is absolutely essential for mental and spiritual evolution. As yogis say: “Health is wealth. Mental peace is happiness. Yoga shows the way. do you even lift

As for prenatal yoga, there are courses geared to the specific needs of pregnant women. The instructor chooses certain exercises (postural and breathing) to help them overcome the difficulties related to pregnancy, to facilitate the steps of childbirth and encourage the return to the body balance after birth. Instructors can be practiced in one or other of the movements mentioned above.

New colors Yoga

Yoga loses its increasingly esoteric connotation. So many schools now offer courses in business. After work or at lunch time, business people loosen their ties and workers break their routine. Others believe it is an interesting entry door to a discipline that can only do good.

Yoga for all

Although yoga is inscribed at the base, to a spiritual practice hatha yoga is not a religion and can be used by any individual, regardless of his beliefs, such as health and healing tool .dropoff window In some contexts, such as health clinics, classes are completely devoid of religious references.

Tips to Help Prevent Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Life is so uncertain. Sometimes things affect us that we have no control over. However, there are an immense number of things that we can do to greatly improve our odds of achieving many of our goals, including good-health goals. As I get older, I witness more and more cases of heart attacks, cancer, and even broken bones that could, in part, be a result of osteoporosis. Heart disease is way at the top of the list of things that happen to older people, but it actually starts at a younger age.

In order to prevent heart disease, it is important to follow a heart-healthy lifestyle. The Mayo Clinic lists some very good tips that will benefit everyone.

  1. Don’t smoke or use tobacco.
  2. Exercise for 30 minutes most days.
  3. Eat a heart-healthy diet.
  4. Maintain healthy weight.
  5. Get enough quality sleep.
  6. Get regular health screenings.

If you can, get 30 to 60 minutes of exercise most days. More benefits are reaped by increasing the duration, frequency, and intensity of your exercise. However, even less exercise has its benefits and do what you can, even if it means dividing the 30 minutes into three 10-minute intervals.

What makes a “heart-healthy” diet? Here is where I think it is very easy to fail, even when you think you are eating healthy. Do you even think about whether you are eating saturated fats or trans fats? We should avoid or limit our saturated fats. Saturated fats are found in red meat, dairy products, and in coconut oil.

We should also avoid or limit our consumption of trans fats. Trans fats are found in deep-fried fast foods, bakery products, packaged snack foods, margarine, and crackers. The label “partially hydrogenated” means trans fat!

You should have some healthy fats. Some places healthy fats are found include avocado, nuts, olives, and olive oil.

In your healthy diet, you should be getting 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Regarding alcohol, women should limit consumption to one drink a day, and men two drinks a day. In moderation, alcohol actually offers a protective effect. More is a health hazard.

Another tip for maintaining good heart health is to chill out! Relax and relieve your stress. You may do meditation, yoga, meet with friends, take a walk.

It is a good idea to know your family medical history if possible.

Something I have found that I really like are the Lifeline Screenings. With today’s technology, they are able to check so many indicators of our health. It is a great way to find out how you are doing.

So, be wise, take charge of your health, eat a healthy diet, exercise, take vitamin and mineral supplements to help make up for what you don’t get in your daily diet, and be thankful that you are doing some great things so that you will be more likely to live a good quality life!

As we age, in order to maintain optimum health, the body seems to have a higher requirement for nutrition and exercise. One way to increase nutrition is to add vitamin & mineral supplements. ” Don’t let your lack of knowledge destroy your health…

Some of the Common Dental Surgery Procedures

Dental Surgery

Dental surgery procedures are varied and diverse. The one you need will be dictated by your condition and individual requirement.

Bonding: Bonding is the procedure you need for decayed, chipped or fractured teeth, as well for discolored teeth. The procedure is also useful for filling of gaps in the tooth. This is a procedure that can be carried out in the comfort of the dental office.

Braces: Defects in teeth alignment are corrected with the use of braces on the teeth needing to be aligned. These are used to exert a steady pressure on the teeth. This corrects the misaligned teeth. It usually takes a number of settings to slowly realign teeth.

Bridges and implants: A tooth that has gone missing due to decay or accident can be treated with bridges and implants. The difference between the two is that bridges are artificial teeth that are held in place by the surrounding dentures. The false tooth is placed between the supporting teeth and two crowns are placed it. Implants are the artificial roots used to support the supplemented tooth.

Crowning: When it comes to cracked teeth you need crowns or caps to cover and protect them. The crown covers the part of the tooth that is visible above the gum.

Dentures: When restorative and corrective measures cannot yield results, it becomes necessary to get dentures. These are prosthetics that are popularly known as false teeth. They can be partial dentures to replace a few teeth or a full set of dentures for the entire set of teeth.

Fillings and repairs: This procedure uses approved material to repair teeth damaged by due to cavities or through trauma. This is a restorative procedure that brings relief to patients.

Extractions: A severely damaged tooth needs to be removed totally. This is done through the procedure known as extraction. The damaged tooth is surgically taken out of its place.

Gum surgery: Gum disease affects both gums and the jaw. This is usually due to damaging infections. The two major stages of infection are gingivitis and periodontitis. The former is a mild infection but the latter is a serious condition and can only be treated with gum surgery.

Root canals: Root canalling is yet another procedure that is used to treat tooth ailments. It can treat both diseased and abscessed teeth. The procedure consists of opening the gum, cleaning and removing the dead and infected tissues. After cleaning the gap is filled and sealed.

Sealants: Dental sealants are applied to the upper surface of the teeth that is used for chewing. These act as a barrier to the bacteria that are likely to destroy the teeth in future.

Veneers: These are thin strips of resin ceramics and resin that are attached to teeth. They help to repair decayed, chipped and stained teeth.

The various procedures described are used to give your teeth a new look or to repair and restore them to health when they become diseased and traumatized.

7 Beauty Mistakes That Older Women

Beauty Mistakes

You have any preconceptions about beauty after a certain age? Here missteps to avoid and tips to rejuvenate your look.

Mistakes No. 1: Always wear short hair after 40 years

The writer caused a cyber comments when someone asked the question: why older women do not they have the right to wear long hair? It seems that the tradition of the cause. “When you become a mother, said hairdresser you change it to adopt the look” madam “who was inevitably you look older.” Long or ultra-short, nothing stops you in the quarantine, wear your hair the way you want, as long as they show off your face. “We must simply avoid hairstyles that age,

Give up short fringe that you wore in high school; made rather cut your hair gradient, so they fall slightly under your shoulders and beautifully frame your face. In fact long hair can be more flattering when you get older. “Many actresses wear bangs in order to hide their wrinkles.

Mistakes No. 2: Do not expose yourself to the sun

“You do not have to avoid the sun; just protect your skin, “advises dermatologist , but added that it is important to apply a good sunscreen on exposed skin. “Otherwise, you may not receive the promised protection,” he warns. Indeed, chemical screens are only effective if they react directly with the skin cells, and their action could be compromised if applied on a moisturizer or makeup. “In this case, the solar product layer will not be uniform,” says the specialist.

Mistakes No. 3: Avoid makeup

Until recently, the canons of beauty required to reserve the exuberant makeup for the evening. You can wear lipstick or eye black eyeliner on the day, provided you stick with one or the other. “The eye lipstick puts the face value,” says expert beauty and fashion. Be careful not to appear to be that of the day before. “For the rest, stand in a minimalist makeup” adds the expert. Similarly, the well-defined plotter requires a lipstick rather quiet; also limit the use of eye shadow and mascara.

Mistakes No. 4: Use a moisturizing cream of poor quality

With age, the skin tends to dry out and that’s why you need to keep hydrated. It is important to use quality moisturizers. Apply a moisturizer on your skin every day. A rich night cream is essential to reduce the visibility of facial wrinkles. Also, choose makeup with moisturizing properties.

Mistakes No..5: Abusing the foundation or not to wear at all

Most women use excessively the foundation or do not wear at all. With age, the skin begins to show signs of aging that you can easily defeat with a little foundation. Go for a light texture, moisturizing and mate. This will help keep your skin hydrated and camouflage

Mistakes No.6: Apply mascara to the bottom lashes

Put mascara on the lower lashes accentuates the crow’s feet, dark circles and hyperpigmentation. If you try to create a dramatic look, focus on your upper lashes. Use an eyelash curler (that is the best way to lengthen your lashes and rejuvenate your look) and apply the blackest mascara as possible. Be sure to apply it as close to the root.

Different Dental Procedures

Different Dental Procedures

Some dental issues are very common and they are treated with different methods.

While most people try to maintain a good oral hygiene and reduce the incidence of sugar consumption, there may be need to have a dental filling to restore broken or broken teeth.

To prevent tooth decay, it is recommended that you should floss at least once daily, brush twice daily, and limit the intake of sugar in the diet at most three times a day. Sugar is present in many different foods, such as fruits, processed foods, soft drinks and sweets. People who are at a high risk of developing tooth decay should also consider the use of fluoride mouthwashes or high fluoride dental flosses to reduce the risk of tooth decay development.

Some common dental procedures include root canals, repairs, fillings, crowns, teeth whitening, extractions, bridges, and implants.

Tooth damage and Fillings and Repairs

Teeth often get damaged due to tooth decay or trauma. Different methods are used to detect tooth decay including x-rays, laser fluorescent methods.

Tooth trauma occurs due to broken teeth, tooth grinding, and nail-biting, or opening things with teeth.

Dentists repair teeth with restorative materials including the composite fillings. A tooth-colored resin is used to fill the gaps or repair the teeth.

Root canal procedure

In this procedure, the tooth pulp is removed, cleaning the void and filling it. Infection may occur in the pulp due to tooth decay if it’s not removed. Doctors seal off the tooth during root canal procedure. This method prevents teeth extraction.

Dental restorations and crowns

This method is used to protect the cracks, broken and damaged teeth. Caps or dental crowns make the complete teeth structure over the gum lines. Crowns are made of the different material including metal, porcelain, or both. The crowns keep the dental bridges in place. Dental crowns enhance appearance and make the bridge strong.

Process of Bridges and Implants

This method is used to replace teeth that could be one or more than one. A fixed removable denture is called a bridge. The bridge has the false tooth with crowns on both sides. These bridges fill the gap due to missing tooth. Doctors support the bridge with either natural teeth or by implants. Dentists replace the tooth or teeth with implants, preserving the healthy teeth.

Tooth Extractions

It means removing the tooth from its socket and extraction becomes necessary when the tooth is fully damaged due to decay. However, dentists try to avoid extractions using different ways like tooth fixing, filling, and crown etc. Tooth extraction is also required during bracing. Similarly, we also have to remove wisdom teeth.

Teeth Whitening procedure

As we age the teeth get dark but sometimes teeth get stains due to certain foods like coffee, beverages, tea, smoking, berries, trauma, and drugs like tetracycline. Dentists use peroxide-based element for teeth whitening. This is the best way to enhance teeth appearance by treating the discolored teeth. New Technics are developed for teeth whitening. Now a day we have many dental problems, nothing worrying about that.

Explore the Best dentist. Now a days we have many dental problems, no worrying about that.