How to prevent back pain?

back pain

A long drive, a garden to weed, furniture to move, one wrong move … and it is the turn of kidneys. You can prevent or stop the pain settles.

Evil of the century? Certainly, back pain affects everyone at one time or another, but it is not a disease. The only officials are not the unsuitable physical effort, work or professions seeking a lot back. A pre-existing fragility (scoliosis, excessive camber), insufficient musculature or overweight make more vulnerable spine. Conflicts, frustrations, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, lack of exercise are also factors increasing frequency. Muscle tension generated end, medium or long term, destabilize some vertebrae and spinal imbalance.

Hence the phrase “Get Your Back.” Contrary to popular belief, the rest is not the solution. His bed a day or two eases. Beyond that, it becomes harmful and creates a vicious circle. It was wrong, so we do not move. Standing still, it promotes muscle wasting. We lose the ease, insurance and stiffens … There is concern then it hurts at the slightest movement … Conclusion, it does not move. Except for sciatica, sports is an excellent way to maintain flexibility and tone. Do not reduce your activities for fear of harm or aggravate your condition. Move, but move well. What matters is having the right thing.

Muscles before everything

1. For long-lasting results, do you have
The fifteen sessions with the physio can not last forever and will not allow you to have the necessary muscles to compensate for the lack of weakened ligaments, maintain joint altered, or reduce stress on the discs worn.

2. Work your muscles
Work spinal muscles and abs, as important as keeping muscles. When they contract, they increase the abdominal pressure, pushing rearward column, limiting the small of the back. Strengthen creates a muscular corset.

3. Practice good swim
Fully respecting the natural curves of the spine, the backstroke is the most appropriate. The crawl, well executed, the household too. In the breaststroke, we often try to keep their heads above water
where cervical contractures. Prefer the breaststroke. With aerobics, body weakens, the movements become more fluid and free.

4. The right moves
Against contractures, tension, gravity, nothing like yoga and stretching. By soliciting major joints in their maximum amplitude, stretching re balance muscle groups, pelvis and spine. Pilates possible to work the muscle-tendon channels and fascias in their entirety. Playing with resistance strengthens the muscles of the back, shoulders, buttocks and abs, improves overall posture. The self-magnification, alternating contraction-stretching tension release. Nei-yang qi gong Kong and back, with a relaxing breathing technique releases the lumbar and sacrum. Muscle groups and fascia attached to the back relax. The energy is released, balancing yin and yang.

5. Breathe with stomach
Abdominal breathing helps restore balance and release nodes caused by the diaphragm that hangs during stress, an annoyance … Postural sequences associated with breathing techniques promote muscle relaxation. For inspiration, the diaphragm presses guts, creating an air and slight swelling belly appeal, abs relax, the last ribs diverge, increasing the volume of fresh air. Upon expiration, the diaphragm relaxes and the abdomen is empty.

Medications and infiltrations fight low back pain, but do not settle to the bottom line as a healthy lifestyle is essential.

“There are two types of pain. The first is of an inflammatory nature, it occurs spontaneously. The second is mechanical. “

Avoid back pain

– In front of the TV, indulge in the couch. Elevate the chock legs and back with a cushion to prevent the collapse of the column.
– Standing round the back and tilt your head. Conversely, a big bust is not recommended.
– Lean stiff legs to lift a heavy load. Bend your knees, keep your back straight, use the power of your body and push your legs.
– In the morning, get up at a single bound. Slip on the side near the edge. Switch legs to the floor, raise your head and stand up once seated.
– Wear loads at arms. Rather tighten the basket against you. Better yet, use a cart with wheels.

If you got  back pain?i hope this my post will help you prevent back pain Leave below if you have any question.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

Skin care

Nothing makes you feel as confident as having picture perfect, glowing skin. Whether you are a mother, student, or a career woman, great skin will make you look younger and feel healthier. Every woman desires natural radiant gorgeous skin.

Often under rated, human skin is fragile. There is always a huge risk when we expose it to harmful chemicals. Hectic schedules, inadequate sleep, stressful lifestyles, pollution, sun rays and excessive smoking are the common factors which make your skin dull and dry. All of these and many more are part of your life and you cannot run away from them. However, you can surely prevent them. Yes, you cannot hold on to your age, but you can surely slow down the loss of glow and radiance from your skin.

This is where helpful beauty tips come in handy. Bringing out the natural radiance of your skin is surprisingly easy – check out some tips below and go ahead make your skin glow. You deserve to look and feel fabulous!

Sure, you’ve heard that it is essential to have a healthy lifestyle. It is TRUE. Your skin reflects what is going on inside of it. Skin conditions develop when the skin can’t do its job of eliminating toxins efficiently. It is very important to detox your body and take a load off your system. Drink warm lemon water each day to help flush toxins from the body. You can also try cutting out sugar and alcohol for a few days to give your body and skin a break. Fresh fruits and vegetables will also boost nutrients that will contribute to young healthy skin.

You may also want to avoid taking long showers. Sure, they feel great, but they also strip your skin of essential moisture. Especially in the winter, limit your showers to 10 minutes or less and keep the water lukewarm.

Certainly unfamiliar, but virgin coconut oil has the ability to restore and rejuvenate damaged skin. It heals, repairs and leaves your skin radiant. Coconut oil has exceptional antioxidant properties and aids destroy free radicals. It also can even out your skin tone, giving it a more healthy-looking texture and a subtle glow.

Another two excellent antioxidant boosters are green tea and grape seed extract. These powerful bio-flavonoids play a unique role in protecting vitamin C from oxidation, thereby allowing your skin to sip more benefits from it.

Vitamins for skin are also important, particularly vitamin C. It is believed that Vitamin C is the key to achieving a bright, even complexion. The brightening properties of this vitamin make it the perfect companion for anyone struggling with sun damage, age spots, or those who just want a natural radiant look.

Intake of soy milk will also play a role in getting radiant skin. Soy proteins are essential to building collagen and protecting them from free radical damage. In addition, sucking on an ice cube also helps rejuvenate your skin. How amazing! The cube chills millions of cells in your cheeks and lips, causing an increase in circulation, and resulting in plumper, more rosy-looking skin.

Lastly, get some sleep dear. Sleep affects your physical and mental well-being. When you sleep, you are allowing your body to start proper healing process and produce healthier cells. With enough rest, you get your body back on track. This will, in turn, lead to glowing skin.